Gadahn: The Islamic Equivalent of Salman Rushdie

“Rushdie had it right. Gadahn, in his psychotic rhetoric under the guise of a religious statement, simply proved it.”– Douglas J. Hagmann, Director, Northeast Intelligence Network

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

3 September 2006: Ahmed Salman Rushdie is the noted British novelist who was placed under a fatwa, or Islamic death sentence, by Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini in 1989 for his “blasphemy” of the “Prophet” Mohammed in his book The Satanic Verses that was published a year earlier. As a result, Rushdie has to take extreme measures to protect his personal safety from the “missionaries” of the religion of peace, tolerance and understanding. Yet, in a 48-minute delusional monologue by some bratty California kid who apparently never got quite enough attention from his goat herding father, this self-appointed al Qaeda spokesperson spewed enough blasphemous rhetoric against Christianity to become the Islamic equivalent of a much less classier Salman Rushdie.

For reasons that I cannot fully understand and certainly cannot accept, Gadahn, the whiny, effeminate spoiled brat who is barely beyond needing a maternal figure to wipe his nose, has garnered the attention of the world by insulting all religions except the cult of Islam. This sniveling piece of work, who would present a challenge even to a Dr. Phil and Oprah tag-team, apparently lacked the parental discipline necessary to become a contributing member of society. Now, he is a thorn in the butt cheek of American foreign and military policy. Instead of receiving the disciplinary spanking he needed 2 decades ago, he now needs to look skyward to see the plume of a personalized hell-file missile coming at him from an American CIA predator drone.Gadahn is the perfect example of what we end up with when we fail to fight our enemy, [b]Islamic fascists[/b] in a swift and decisive manner. For the last 3 decades, we failed to act decisively as Islamic fascism grew like a cancer that metastasized throughout the Western world. We only decided to use invasive measures when the symptoms of this cancerous cult became full-blown on 9/11, and now we have little nodes like Gadahn running through the lymphatic system of Western culture.

How many more as-Sahab propaganda “B” videos must the civilized world have to endure before we say enough and really get serious about fighting the enemy that has invaded our country and drastically altered our way of life? How long are we going to allow the equally lecherous, spineless and fearful politically correct crowd to hijack our society, acquiesce to the idiotic demands of a few Islamic political organizations whose goals are to make the world convert to Islam, one policy, one law, and one country at a time, under the threat of death to us, our wives, our children and grandchildren? How many more Islamic prayer rooms, like the one at the Meadowlands stadium, must be erected and how many more crosses and nativity scenes must come down before we say, collectively as a nation, enough already?

If we are not going to stand up as our forefathers did during World War II and take our enemy on full force rather than have lunchroom debates about the myth of Islamophobia, then I suggest everyone take a stroll through the Mecca of North America, Dearborn, Michigan during the Islamic call to prayer. If we fail to act now, that will be the norm for mainstream America for our children. THAT will be the legacy we will leave. Instead of living under the laws of the US Constitution, those of us and our children who are not beheaded according to Islamic law will be living under archaic Sharia law, which sanctions lying, killing, stealing, degradation of women, Jews, Christians, and killing in order to advance Islam. The Qur’an teaches that Muslims must wage war against non-Muslims. What we heard was not an invitation to Islam, it was a demand for conversion. In his depiction of Islam’s Muhammad, Rushdie had it right. Gadahn, in his psychotic rhetoric under the guise of a religious statement, simply proved it.