Public Reaction to Beheading Videos


24 September 2004: In a 72 hour period, the Northeast Intelligence Network received over 2,000 e-mails from people throughout the world expressing their views on our position of making the gruesome beheading videos available to the general public. Over 90% of the unsolicited e-mails we received were postive - people are in favor of being informed and seeing the cruel reality otherwise unavailable on any other legitimate web site. Below is a small sampling of the e-mails we received.

Dear Mr. Hagmann -

After seeing the interview with you on Neil Cavuto’s afternoon program I was compelled to visit the Northeast Intelligence Network web site, to see and understand for myself the true scope of the brutality of the terrorist with which we fine ourselves engaged in war.

Like so many I too have had an unrealistic understanding of the full scope of brutality being wrought by our enemy. Having watched the video beheading of Jack Hensley I have a resolute and complete understanding of just how righteous our cause for peace and justice is.

You have done us all a great service in opening our eyes.

Should we choose to really look and more importantly, really see that which we look upon we can gain a deeper reality of the world and true evil within.

I now know how to pray for our enemy and more importantly how to pray for our leaders.

Consider posting the “Real evidence” of the crime of 9-11. Surly someone somewhere has the video images of death mayhem and destruction. We need to see it! We forget to easily.

May God bless you,

Gilroy California

I found out about your website today as I was watching Neil Cavuto on Fox News.

I was curious about the beheading and decided to watch it. My entire body turned cold and numb as I watched in terrified horror at the savage acts of this evil enemy inspired by Islamic Jihad.

Thank you for showing these videos. It’s almost sacrilegious to show the murder of these American heroes but I believe Americans and the civilized world MUST see these videos. We must know the enemy in order to win this war. We are playing by the rules and being politically correct. This will get us all killed.

We must wipe out the terrorists. No negotiations…hunt them down and destroy them.

I WAS a liberal, still living in San Francisco but today, in 2004, I am backing President Bush 100%. I shudder to think if Kerry wins the election. He will lead us into national suicide unless if he make a complete turnaround, which I doubt.

I care about the economy and other domestic issues. But what good it is if I have a high salary with healthcare when I’m blown up to bits by these satanic terrorists.

I am a minority and immigrated to America 10 years ago. America must not be afraid to act just because some groups use the race card and scream racism and discrimination. When it is time to act for national security, who cares if I’m being frisked at the airport? I do not promote racism or the unfair prejudice against people of color or immigrants as I belong to this class of people. However, I am an AMERICAN FIRST and an AMERICAN LAST and I will support this country 101%.

We MUST win this war and I pray to the Lord to continue blessing America. Personally I believe we will win this war when the battle is the Lord’s. So help us God…we will see this through. I want and will be counted as one of the patriots standing firm and tall for the greatest country on earth, the United States of America.

God Bless….

Sincerely, R. L.
San Francisco, CA


I am active duty military. I have been telling everyone that the barbaric act of decapitation is something every American should view. It is a necessary evil if we are to understand the enemy. The complete lack of regard for human life is highlighted by these gruesome acts. America needs to get violently angry with the perpetrators if we ever expect to defeat these people. Keep pushing the news to expose these people. Warn the viewers then show the videos. Please do not use my name for obvious reasons.

Dear Sir,

As an intelligence analyst specializing in information operations for the [REDACTED] Division of [REDACTED], I wanted to express my appreciation for providing these horrific and yet extremely valuable videos.

While upsetting, these videos, provided from your site rather than from the original sites, affords me the opportunity to examine and analyze the content and production of these videos which may offer important clues to the MO and techniques used by these barbarian terrorists.

On a more personal level, I am stirred with emotion and a burning anger each time I review a video or see a photo of a hostage or US soldier suffering at the hands of the insurgents and terrorists. I never want to become inured to the pain and suffering shown on these graphic images and instead, hope to maintain my intense drive to find and capture or kill the perpetrators of such inhuman and barbaric acts.

I know it is difficult to balance the needs of privacy of the families and loved ones versus the need of the IC to review this information and, I hope, to bring an end to this needless slaughter. Please understand that the service you provide is important and I for one am thankful that you have taken it upon yourselves to perform such a distasteful and thankless job.

Sincerely D.D.


As a former Green Beret, I’m very troubled as I now sit at home watching the war on terrorism play out. I’ve carried my desire to learn about our (America and those willing to stand with us) enemy as a professional soldier to my civilian life. It is imperative that those who don’t understand Al-Qaeda and Wahabism get educated real quick. The video’s of the beheadings are just a sample of the type of enemy we face, and for those who haven’t gotten it yet after 9/11 need to watch them. If we don’t show an unwavering support to vanquish this enemy we will certainly see worse.

Thank you for your class in which you present them, and thank you for making them available. I say this as a thank you for keeping the fire in my belly burning for the end to these barbarians and to hopefully educate the uneducated.


Dear Mr. Hagmann,

Just wanted to add my voice of thanks for the work you do. Just as I have visited three concentration camps in Germany and Austria to help me remain focused on preventing such evil from raising its ugly head ever again, I recently viewed one of the beheading videos. NO, it’s not a sight I’ll want to watch ever again, but it’s footage every American should be strapped into a chair and forced to watch frankly. To hell with any critics, this is a “free” country still!!

Politics aside, people need to begin to understand the absolute differences in our mentalities and realize that we must put all the niceties aside in order to combat this true evil that threatens every man, woman and child in the free world…

Nigel T.

Mr. Hagmann,

I have been a frequent visitor to your site over the last several weeks as I find it is the only site that offers up to date information on what is happening in the Middle East. I am prior military having served during the first conflict in the Gulf. Initially, when we invaded Iraq, I did not support it. I felt that Bush was only trying to clean up the mess that his father had made the first time around. But after reading the commentaries from your analysts and watching you on TV with Neil Cavuto, I can honestly say that my opinion has changed.

I don’t feel that people realize the type of enemy that we are fighting in Iraq. Yes, it is a tragedy when any American loses his/her life as a result of the hostilities in that region but it is an even bigger tragedy when Americans remain ignorant about what is happening over there. It is unfortunate, to say the least, that the mass media cannot keep this country informed and we have to turn to “underground” sources to get the real truth. I am grateful that your agency is available to keep the American public informed to what is happening.

I am very sorry for the senseless murders of the American civilians and my prayers and thoughts are with their families. We must all pray for the safety and security of our nation and for our leaders as they lead us through this time. Most of all, pray for the infidels that continue to wreak havoc and slaughter innocent people, that they will get what is coming to them.

Thank you Northeast Intelligence Network for continuing to provide America with the truth, no matter how horrific it is. JS

I too would like to applaud your efforts at Northeast Intelligence Network. And thank you for your posting of the beheadings. While the terrorists think they are scaring our troops and people at home with these vile acts, we must remember our troops of the Second World War and the barbaric acts committed by the Japanese against them. Far from running and hiding, more Congressional Medal’s of Honor were awarded to that theater or war than any other. So like the famous quote “they who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Mr. Zarqawi, you may just awaken a sleeping giant with your acts, and we can only await your demise as has others who have threatened the world peace.

Sincerely, J. McMahan, Hickory, NC

Dear Mr. Director:

I have been very interested in your website within the past week. I heard the piece on Neil Covuto (I LOVE Fox) about this site, in regards to the “Beheading” videos, and had originally gotten on it to see about these videos. I have not downloaded them, as I don’t know if I am prepared to watch such horror…

I just want to commend you and your staff. Your site is everything that I feel inside. I’ve been contemplating what I could do to help our nation fight this awful beast (terrorism) that has towered over us, in a more realistic way since 9/11. I will NEVER forget that day….never forget the horror I felt….never wanting my husband and children home so desperately.

It seems many people have forgotten….the “anti-war”, and “deal with terrorists more sensitively”, type of people. I’ve had to bite my tongue while traveling through my own home town square, and watching the anti-Iraq demonstrations. My nephew just arrived in Iraq via enlistment into the Marine Corps, due to his strong feeling toward this cause.

You are right on target, if you ask me. And we, as citizens, should ALSO do anything, and everything in our power to crush these inhuman people that hate us immensely, simply because we don’t believe as they do. …and just CONGRATULATE you on a wonderful website. I’ll be sure to pass it on to others that are as interested as I am. Unfortunately, that is not very many anymore….like I said, it seems that they have all forgotten so quickly, but I have not, and I won’t.

Thanks again for all of your great info.

York, PA


Keep up the good work. I heard of your site from Fox news… I am have been glued to my computer ever since….I have watched the videos and totally agree that more of the public should be aware of what we are facing…


I watched these videos for multiple reasons. First, it’s hard to understand the horror of our enemies without seeing their beliefs in action. I wanted to pray for and pay tribute to the men and women as they passed into the arms of God. These people and their families suffer so tremendously. Our prayers will be louder and more frequent after seeing these images. I don’t want to lay comfortably in my bed until I’ve suffered the guttural horror of these images. I believe in our country’s actions, and feel a responsibility for suffering the consequences. We will not fail, these horrors may not stop but the majority of Iraqi citizens have begun a better life since the war. Thank you for posting these graphic but necessary images. My prayers to all that have been lost.

Thank you for your honesty in portraying these horrible killings. These terrorists are not human at all, but America needs to stay strong and not give in to terrorists demands. I heard about this site on Fox TV. — P.K.

Mr. Hagmann and all those who serve:

As brutal as the videos are, I appreciate being allowed to view them. One can not fully understand the cruelty and hatred in the minds of these killers. That is truly what they are. They may use all the so-called “soldiers of Islam” label but the truth is they are nothing but thugs who are not even worthy of being called humans.

These killers are not freedom fighters, they not are doing this for the peoples of the Middle East or for Muslims everywhere. They are nothing but murderers who are doing this for their own selfish interests. There is no honor or dignity in what they are doing. They want to have control of the Middle East. They want to rule by intimidation and death. It is time to face this.

We Americans and the world need to face what these people really are. There is no justification for beheadings, bombings or any of the other means of intimidation and death these murders use. There is nothing holy or righteous about them.This is not just a war against us (Americans), it is a war against all people. I have no doubt that should we leave Iraq with a democracy in place they would still continue with their quest for control and domination. They do not want freedom for the people of Iraq or any other country. They want power. They will use anything to get that power.

By making the videos available you are allowing us to see what is truly in the hearts and minds of these murders.

Thank You,
Vickie C., Indianapolis


The only greater service you can do for Americans and all freedom loving people of this world, besides posting the beheading videos is to post any available video from the WTC on 9-ll. When ordinary office workers chose to hug each other, or hold each other hand in hand and jump, rather than burn to death. Show the heartbreak that started this all.

Until we face the atrocities our enemies perpetrate upon us, a good majority of Americans and citizens of this world will never work up the will to support this war against Islamic fundamentalist terror.

The media does us a severe disservice to show us only our wrongs, thereby sapping our collective will, demoralizing our troops and and indirectly aiding and supporting our enemies.

Dog leashes and women’s underwear, frat house stunts, ran for weeks on the front page of the NY Times - but the beheadings of innocent civilians are hidden from our view. Is not the Media figuratively “beheading” the American public? Hiding the truth, keeping our “heads in the sand” by not offering every citizen at least the choice to view these horrible act committed against us?

Bravo to your website. Show the truth, keep showing the truth. The content of those videos can’t be spun - right, left, Muslim fanatic or American - it doesn’t matter - anyone that views those beheadings can only arrive at one conclusion - No negotiations with terrorists - No Mercy - Let our troops reign death on these Barbarians so Peace may reign once again.

Damn the torpedoes, keep the good work up!
J. T. S. / Brooklyn New York
September 24 2004

I am a 49-year old woman and I appreciate the fact that you are showing the beheadings. Too many people in the United States seem to have forgotten 9/11. I personally think that the 9/11 pictures should be shown on television every day along with the beheadings. Thank you for having the guts to show them.

Kansas City MO


Dear Mr. Hagmann:

I am of the opinion that it is the right thing to do in showing the videos of these despicable vile bastards, plying their trade, slaughtering these poor innocent victims.

In doing so, maybe, you’ll wake up the comfortable, sleeping, population of our country and we’ll all start thinking in the same direction. Something drastic needs to be done to the SOB’s that’s doing their dirty work in the name of their false god, allah.

Maybe it’ll happen after the election, if Bush goes back in…………. God help us if Kerry wins.



I listened to you on FOX News TV this afternoon. I downloaded the video.



I have to be honest with you. I wish that I had not watched them from an emotional well being position. I feel sickened by the whole thing.

I do, however, think that the American people, as well as our allies and the world, need to see the enemy as they truly are. I think people would be more supportive of the “War on Terror” if they truly knew what “terrorist” do. You hear it, you read it, you almost get used to it, but seeing it in totality, shoves it in your face and you see it for what it is. These people should not be allowed to live.

The prison abuse scandal has been given more exposure than the Super Bowl, yet these horrifying images are kept from the people. I hope the people who are to decide the punishment for our soldiers who were caught humiliating a few prisoners, takes a look at these video’s before passing sentence.

I have more support for the United States’ position than ever. I’ll just be glad when we stop trying to “tippy toe” through this war without hurting anybody’s feelings and get it over with.

I’m still shaken, but I think I needed to be and so does the rest of the world that opposes/resists our efforts of wiping out terrorist before they wipe us out.



I wish to add my support to the Northeast Intelligence Network website for embracing the vital role of fully conveying to the public the challenge confronting democracy. Along with many others I am concerned that mainstream western news agencies are not utilising the technology at their disposal to allow citizens to view the recent atrocities in Iraq. If a few choose to censor the truth, that in itself is an atrocity, and ultimately puts our own freedom at risk. Only with full knowledge of the truth can citizens in a democracy make a proper judgement on the leadership we should seek to defend our way of life, and our lives. It is our collective actions, in response to the evil that now confronts us, that will become words in the pages of history. I pray that future generations will read that we did whatever is necessary to defeat enemies of freedom.

Yours sincerely,

I agree with your showing these videos for exactly the reasons you state. I have encouraged my friends to watch them as well. I get sick when I do watch them, but I feel I need to force myself so that I get a true understanding of how evil these people are. This may sound bizarre, but I also watch them out of respect for the victims. When people that tell me “I don’t want to watch those videos because I’ll get sick,” I tell them “hey … this person went through getting his head cut off and you’re worried about getting sick?!” Finally, if I were one of the unfortunate persons to wind up in the hands of these truly evil people and have my head sawed off, I would want as many people to see it as possible … not to have it hidden. People need to be jolted.

Thanks. God bless the souls of those we’ve lost.

This was a very difficult decision on my part to watch the beheadings. I agree that as Americans we as a people need to realize that these beheadings are brutal. This is not “one lightening-like strike” from the sword of a Samurai fighter in some B grade horror/action flick. Because of the “climate of death” of our popular culture, movies fill us with endless visions of shootings/rape/beheadings, etc. People need to HEAR as well as see these videos. Not islamic chant - but the gaspings, gurglings - the seemingly endless quest for air and death.



I am not sure why I wanted to see the videos, but I did. I guess I wanted to see just how “barbaric” these people were. I have to admit, I have been one of those people who felt that Muslims in that region had reasons why they hated us and were more like evil in a semantic way, meaning good/bad depends on your perspective. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I only could stomach one video. The sheer cruelty of it, the horror of how inhumane the act shocked me. God knows no one should like war but this….this is something else. If the networks played just one of those videos, I think everyone would be singing a different tune. While I understand that those people who commit those acts do not reflect on Islam as a whole, it is disturbing nonetheless. It makes me wonder why nations around the world harbor such evil. God help those who fall victim to this. C.S. Kokomo, IN



I am British citizen and live in the UK. I just want to tell you I agree with your policy of making the videos available. The situation Ken Bigley is in at present obviously makes the atrocities these so called terrorists (more like gangland thugs) perpetrate very close to home this evening.

Over here our News Agencies simply report that a hostage has been ‘beheaded’. The word evoked certainly for me visions of the act being carried out by an expert swordsman cleanly and swiftly. While I accepted that an individual had sadly lost their life I was not prepared for the violence and horror of the actual execution.

I was deeply shocked and horrified at the way it was carried out.It was a violent attack by a group of thugs without any respect or honour for themselves or their victim. I was unprepared for the way they launched themselves upon the man and hacked their way through the ‘execution’. I am afraid that I could not watch right to the end. However I am grateful for the opportunity to see things how they really are. It has opened my eyes and made me truly aware. Thank you for providing a valuable service. I hope you will continue to do so and wish you every future success.


Dear Sir:

I did watch one of your videos. I had to shut it off. My heart goes out to the families of these brave men. I maybe alone, but I do think everyone should have a glimpse at what these men(who say they are doing this in the name of God)are really made of. How quickly my fellow Americans have forgotten what happened on 9-11. How 16 men led astray by their beliefs stopped short the lives of many. These five men or women really show their bravery and intimidation, while they cover they face. What are they afraid of? Who are they afraid of? Do the Iraqi people want their country back or not? Or do they want to continue to live in fear. I’m not quite sure who they are afraid of, the Americans or the extremists of Islam? I have not given up on my country and my president. and though every step has not been 100% successful, I have faith in my God and my president to deliver this country(Iraq) from the pits of hell and to protect the US from further terrorists.

GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Sir:

I am also in favor of showing Americans what the true reality of life is in the Middle East regarding these disgusting acts on innocent lives! I am a mother of two and I don’t like violence any more than the next mother but we must be shown the truth as disturbing as it may be! What America is afraid of showing is the truth in reality! We see violence all the time in this country!

We are so caught up in reality T.V. we wouldn’t know what reality was if it flew up & bit us on the nose! This is a great disservice to our future generations if we don’t get our heads out of the clouds and see the truth instead of all the “fantasy”coming straight out of Hollywood.

Thank God for the true patriots who see to the truth!

Thanks to you and your staff for putting it all on the table!!!

Here’s 2 America and what she truly represents and may God bless the whole world!!!!!

Thank You!

That was the most awful thing I have ever seen. I thought I was going to be sick to my stomach. What makes me sick is the fact that we can go on with our daily lives while something like this is happening. These people need to be stopped - this is something I never want my children to see.

The American people need to see this. I think we all forgot how we felt on 9/11. To think this is happening, and there are still people who say we should have never gone over there infuriates me.

My heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones one way or another from this war. All I can say is, this barbaric madness needs to be stopped. This is an image and a feeling I will never forget.

God Bless America!

-S. K.


Mr. Hagmann,

I just wanted to lend my positive thoughts for what you are doing. I think it is very important that we as citizens see the horror of what is going on because it is real. If things continue it could easily be on our doorsteps and people need to be aware of what is going on both at home and abroad. I watched your segment on FOX and could not agree more with your statements. I only hope others realize the importance of your efforts and understand and never imply you are doing this for profit.

Thanks for making a difference and helping us to understand and to gauge for ourselves whether or not we want to view these videos instead of being told we can’t by our own media. Thanks again for your forward thinking and keeping us informed on all fronts.


San Diego, CA

I first heard of this site from a report on fox news, I have been reading and unfortunately viewing your content. While there is no debate on how awful and despicable these acts of barbarism are I support and agree with your ideas on providing this to the public.

I believe it to be important that Americans and every free person of the world to accept and see these acts, we can no longer afford to be ignorant to the distastefulness of savages, I think we will be safer if we stare atrocity in the face and fight.

PS: I am a Democrat so this is a very bipartisan opinion on terror.



This site is a definite patriotic service. All Americans need to see this! It literally brought me to my knees!

“One of Many Proud Serving Americans”

Your website is horrific, but people have got to see this material. How else can we truly know what we’re fighting against?

I’m a member of the British National Party. Our Chairman (Nick Griffin) recently described Islam as “a vicious and wicked faith” and was savaged by Blair and the BBC (etc). The strange thing is, we never hear so-called “moderate” Muslims speaking out against these terrorists. As we say in Britain, they all piss in the same pot.

Thanks for having the courage to tell the world what islamic terrorists are really doing.

Great Britain

Hello Douglas,

I just wanted to add my thanks to you and your staff for giving me, and other, normal American citizens a real view of the atrocities that these vermin have perpetrated on our fellow citizens. I am horrified at the images, but feel compelled to watch them so I do not forget the struggle we are in. The individuals performing these crimes are murderous cowards who will have no place in heaven with any God. May they all rot in hell.

In closing, please keep up the good work and your efforts in keeping the free citizens of this great country informed of what is really happening in Iraq and other areas of the world - I only wish that the mainstream media would do the same.

Kindest Regards,
T. L.

Dear Sir:

Thank you for such a wonderful web site showing news about all the beheading’s from Iraq.

it is about time someone has the gut’s and courage to show the American public what is really happening in Iraq. our American’s are suffering and getting killed by a bunch of ruthless, non caring butchering savages. These people are committing cold blooded murder, and we the American public just keep taking it over and over again. My heart goes out to all the families who have lost their loved one’s, and i pray that this bloodshed stops happening some day.

What kind of religion justifies taking the life of people, and killing them for no good reason, just because they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

I just thought I would write and let you know that there are some of us in the United States that really care and hope that this senseless and ruthless bloodshed stops happening to our people.

God Bless you, and God Bless the families like Eugene Armstrong, Jack Hensley, who now must go on through life with out their love ones. And most of all “God Bless the United States of America”

Thank You….
A Concern Citizen of The USA.

Hi, I just want to express my gratitude to you for your organization’s web site. I think we as Americans to easily choose to live in a surreal make-believe world when we don’t know how to deal with gruesome realties of the war against terrorism. Thanks for making the beheading video of US hostage Jack Hensley available, I pray that his death was not in vain but his death and the video serves to strengthen the US resolve in the ever ugly fight against terrorism.


Dear Director:

Thanks for showing the real world version of the beheading videos. The civilized world should know who we are up against. They are cowards who hide behind their masks instead of showing their faces.

I pray for the families, and urge all America citizens who are civilians to leave Iraq ASAP. It is clearly evident that they cannot even trust their own translators, much less other “well intentioned” Iraqis.


I want to add my appreciation for the excellent coverage that you give to the critical issue of the day - terrorism. You have the courage to show the savage murders which while too gruesome to watch, also demonstrate the horror Western values and our way of life faces. It will not go away if we become more agreeable and soft; it will not go away if we capitulate. This is a perverse ideology. It is a stain which must be removed from the fabric of society. Keep up the good reporting…

Best regards,

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