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Yes - It IS Terrorism

“Any crime of violence done to avenge a political grievance is an act of terrorism. Haq’s murder of at least one employee of the Jewish Federation is an act of terrorism. What the public needs to know is the likelihood of other such acts being committed by similarly situated individuals.”–Hugh Hewitt

31 July 2006: Sometimes, it’s all about perspective as facts are presented to the public. In an excellent article titled “A History of Mental Illness”: MSM and The Investigation of Domestic Terrorists, Hugh Hewitt provides an accurate perspecitve of domestic terrorism as it applies to various “lone wolf” occurances. This is a must read.

Excerpted: So in less than two months we have 25 arrests of terrorists intent on killing in the US, only one of whom succeeded, but the successful one is described by the home town paper as “having a history of mental illness” and the others have dropped off the list of MSM-approved topics for coverage. LINK TO COMPLETE ARTICLE.

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