“Fifth Terrorist” Likely in London’s 7/7 Bombings - Backed Out Before Bombing

26 July 2006: A friend of London suicide bomber Shezhad Tanweer, the Aldgate bomber, alleges the fifth man pulled out of the attacks just hours before the terrorists embarked on their mission on July 7, 2005. The target, according to police who are investigating co-conspirators, was the Luton railway station. The bomber was to have used the bombs left behind in a rucksack beneath a seat of the terrorists’ car at the Luton station, although was reportedly talked out of participating by his brother.

The fifth suspect, identified only as a man in his thirties and, like three of the other bombers, is British-born with Pakistani parents. His identity is known to Scotland Yard’s “7/7 team” based in Bradford.According to a friend of Tanweer, who describes him as being “like a brother” and lives close to Tanweer’s home in Beeston, Leeds, described the would-be bomber’s intended role to a member of his family. “The four suicide bombers were supposed to meet him but he never turned up. Because they were on a time schedule they left without him. His brother had talked him out of it.”

Three of the bombers, Tanweer, Mohammad Sidique Khan and Hasib Hussain, left Beeston after 3:00 a.m. in a Nissan Micra to drive to Luton railway station. They then took a train to London, leaving the unexploded bombs behind in the rucksack. “They (the bombs) were supposed to have been for him but when he didn’t turn up they just left it (the rucksack) there,” said the friend.

Unused bombs were found, and determined to be made of peroxide identical to those used in the bombings. Described by police as “viable devices ready to go off,” they were, however, smaller and contained nails. Although the official report of the July 7th bombings stated that “there is no intelligence to indicate that there was a fifth or further bombers,” police have yet to explain the purpose of the unexploded bombs.