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Rooting out Terror Cells from the U.S. to Canada, from the U.K. to Bombay

Douglas J. Hagmann, Director & Judi McLeod, founding editor, CanadaFreePress

20 July 2006: On Wednesday, an Atlanta federal jury indicted Ehsanul Islam SADEQUEE, 19, on four counts of terrorism-related charges, and also issued a superseding indictment which added three additional charges to those against his co-defendant, Georgia Tech student Syed Harris AHMED, 21. The two men were charged with conspiring to and providing “material support” to “terrorists involved in violent jihad activity” and conspiring to and aiding “a designated foreign terrorist organization.” The Northeast Intelligence Network previously reported on the legal troubles of Syed Harris AHMED in April.

The new charges also allege that AHMED and SADEQUEE underwent “physical and rudimentary paramilitary training to prepare for participation in violent jihad” both overseas and in northwest Georgia. The indictment states that both SADEQUEE and AHMED traveled to the Washington, DC area in April 2005 and videotaped various potential targets, such as the U.S. Capitol, the World Bank headquarters, the Masonic Temple in Alexandria, Va., and in addition to potential DC targets, videotaped a group of large fuel storage tanks near I–95 in northern Virginia. The indictment further claims that both defendants provided aid and assistance to the Pakistan-based terrorist organization [b]Lashkar-e Tayyiba (LeT) and that AHMED planned to “join and fight” with the group.[/b] The terrorist organization LeT is believed to be behind the deadly train bombings in Mumbai (Bombay), India on 11 July 2006.

Connection to the Terrorism Arrests in Toronto, Ontario Canada

According to the indictment, both SADEQUEE and AHMED are accused of having connections to the arrests of terror suspects on June 3, 2006 in the greater Toronto area. Those arrests were facilitated, in part, by the investigation and surveillance conducted on AHMED and SADEQUEE who were initially indicted in March. As reported by this agency, Georgia Tech student Syed AHMED was indicted by a grand jury on 23 March 2006 for the general charge of providing material support of terrorism. Ehsanul Islam SADEQUEE, 19, also of Georgia, was arrested in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka stemming from the same indictment.

As we reported in April, both AHMED and SADEQUEE, naturalized U.S. citizens FROM the Atlanta area, met with at least three other subjects of ongoing FBI terrorism investigations during a trip to Toronto, Ontario Canada in March, 2005 “to engage in activities in support of violent jihad.” SADEQUEE also traveled to Bangladesh to marry and further his jihad-related activities, and AHMED went to Pakistan to do the same, according to the indictment.

Connection to Terror Operative(s) in the U.K.

The indictment also claims SADEQUEE and AHMED provided the videotape of the targets to a co-conspirator in the United Kingdom, Younis TSOULI,, the alleged Internet hacker who is in custody in the UK. Tsouli reportedly ran an online information network for terrorists where they could obtain instructions on such things as building car bombs. the Northeast Intelligence Network exposed the exploits of TSOULI in 2004 and 2005 in an article dated 1 March 2006. The Northeast Intelligence Network exposed TSOULI’s hacking into the Internet servers at the Arkansas Department of Highways as well as George Washington University.

Investigators from the Northeast Intelligence Network, in conjunction with the research staff of are continuing the joint investigation into this international web of terrorists and acts of intended terrorism.

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