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“Significant” Behavioral & Pattern Changes of Potential U.S. Terrorists Noted

Known Hamas, Hezbollah Operatives in U.S. under surveillance show “behavioral changes” that might indicate a heightened threat scenario

Mass transit in U.S. a known target.

Report by Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

14 July 2006: As the war in the Middle East is on track to exceed anything we have seen in our generation, the findings of current surveillance operations of suspected Islamic terror operatives inside the United States show concurrent “significant changes,” according to one well-placed federal intelligence source. It is no secret that physical and electronic surveillance has been in place on those individuals and groups inside of the U.S. since we were attacked.

A report from our source states that there have been numerous reports from field operatives of “significant behavioral and pattern changes” by those who have suspected ties to Middle East terror groups. “Electronic intercepts of communications of interest submitted for priority processing have also significantly increased,” although our source declined to provide any specific details of these intercepts. “The latest results of physical surveillance operations have also shown disturbing behavioral and pattern changes of the surveillance subjects,” according to our source. “There seems to be a definite connection between the events taking place in the Middle East with the level of activity of suspected terrorist operatives inside the U.S. Although not totally unexpected, extra vigilance is definitely required by us in the U.S. as well as our assets abroad.”

Our source acknowledged, however, that steps have been implemented over the last several days to increase the level of protection, both overt and covert, of potential terrorist targets inside the U.S. “One obvious hardening of our security, partly due to the changes noted, is the increased attentiveness to our mass transit systems.” Our source acknowledged that the bomb blasts in Mumbai, India played a role in increased security, “it was not the only reason.” There heightened threats to our mass transit systems in cities across the U.S., not just in the northeast.

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