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Suspicious Activity: Terrorist Attack Planning in the Trucking Industry

Posted By Director On December 9, 2003 @ 11:47 pm In Domestic Terrorism,Terror Alerts | Comments Disabled

Date Issued: December 9, 2003
Implementation: Immediate
Duration: Indefinite
Coverage: Nationwide

Areas Of Special Interest

* Eastern Great Lakes Region (New York)
*  Southeastern US (Carolinas)

Operations Of Special Interest

* All Tanker Operations (all vehicle classes)
* Fuel and Hazmat Transport Operations
* Operations Involving or Serving Fuel and Chemical Production,  Terminal and Storage Facilities

Cargo Classes Of Special Interest

* All Fuels
*  Highly Hazardous Chemicals (especially volatile compounds)

Characteristic Activities and Operational Acts

* Targeting and Casing – Observation and photography of facilities and operations, attempted interviews of personnel to obtain information regarding operations and facilities, following vehicles enroute

* Rehearsal – Attempts to enter facilities by unauthorized personnel, aggressive driving behavior, multiple vehicles actively “boxing” the target truck, potential ruse or staged accident to cause the target truck to stop on roadside in isolated area

Recommended Actions

* All employees of companies covered by topics of Special Interest should be made aware of this alert

* All Drivers nationwide asked to maintain vigilance: -For Vehicle and cargo of Special Interest, while enroute regarding the characteristic acts, above, especially at rest areas, overnight stops, and in areas of terminals or storage facilities, with strict adherence to company/customer security procedures -For all drivers – keep watch suspicious activity for other trucks of the types above

* All companies with Operations Of Special Interest should review perimeter and access security procedures and effectiveness

* Report ANY suspicious activity immediately (in emergency situations call 9-1-1):

HIGHWAY WATCH Drivers – Use your discrete phone number and ID to notify the Call Center, which will route the call to the proper authority;

* The local FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force office or to other appropriate authorities;

* The DHS (IMAC) Watch and Warning Unit at (202) 323-3205, toll free at 1 (888) 585-9078;

Transportation Security Coordination Center Watch: TSCC Watch Officer. Tel: (703) 563-3236 / 3237 (non-secure), (703) 563-3695 (secure), (202) 493-5100 (aviation issues). Fax: (703) 563-3292 (nonsecure), (703) 563-3687 (secure). Email: M&L.TSCC@tsa.dot.gov

Please also report observations to the Truck ISAC Watch Officer via email at securetruck1@trucking.org

The Trucking Information Sharing and Analysis Center and the Highway Watch® Program and Owned and Operated by the American Trucking Associations, Inc., on behalf of the Motor Transportation Industry in cooperation with the Federal Government for the Safety and Security of the People of the United States Of America.

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