31 Minutes of Justification for Murder and Terrorism

“Shehzad Tanweer was nothing short of a premeditated murderer of innocent people…, But be advised, there are plenty more out there just like him thinking that suicide combined with homicide is the way to paradise.”

By Randy Taylor, Senior Independent Contributing Analyst

8 July 2006: As- Sahab Media released a 31 minute, eight second Islamic propaganda video on July 7, 2006 in celebration of the one-year anniversary of their attacks on the London subway system. The video featured al Qaeda’s second-in-command Ayman al Zawahiri as the primary narrator, the deceased London bomber Shehzad Tanweer, clips from old Osama Bin Laden speeches along with a segment from American al Qaeda Islamic convert Adam Gadahn, also known as Azzam al-Amriki.

Gadahn carried on about how everything they do is in response to our killing of innocent people in their countries, comparing their tactics to an “eye for an eye” approach. He faltered on a few points with disclaimers such as “I’m not saying we should…”, then tried to qualify his earlier remarks. The longer I watched Gadahn the more I am convinced that he either has asthma, plugged sinuses or the California smog problem did him in before he left for the Afghan-Pakistani region.

The London bomber portion of the speech was actually quite boring. Shehzad Tanweer was nothing short of a premeditated murderer of innocent people, and there is nothing honorable or glorious about him as this video tries to portray. His death solved nothing, proved nothing, and brought no honor or glory to his cause. But be advised, there are plenty more out there just like him thinking that suicide combined with homicide is the way to paradise.

At one point I did actually hear al Zawahiri state a truthful fact. He stated that we are facing “a sweeping jihad awakening in a united Mujahid Ummah.” This unfortunately is the truth. This is so painfully obvious with the inundation of Islam here in the US and worldwide, the constant barrage of garbage coming out in these videos deigned explicitly for western consumption, the Islamic terrorism around the world and in our own back yards and the threats of more violence to come. He went on to say that “Ignoring this shall lead you into pitfalls and disasters, just as nations before you perished and passed away because they shut their eyes to the facts and ground realities”. True, once again. We will perish if we shut our eyes and think that this disease called Islam will simply go away. I hope the left side of the political isle caught these words of wisdom. His speech segments were dotted with quotes from the Qur’an which only makes sense as the Qur’an is a tool of evil and a guidebook for these Islamic terrorists to justify their evil deeds.

They should just rename the Qur’an the al Qaeda Terrorist Handbook, original version.

Ayman al Zawahiri continued by saying that if all the Palestinians were Christians, Israel would not be trying to destroy them. True, but since I don’t see a huge revival and million man conversion and baptism happening anytime soon, I offer this advice instead: If Palestinians would get rid of Hamas and the Ezzedeen Martyr Brigades, among others, and quit attacking Israel, they would find life to be less hazardous and maybe even peaceful. Israel has complied with almost every suggestion made to them in order to establish peace in that region. Israel only responds with force when there is aggression against them.

But reality is, the Palestinians don’t want peace, they want domination over Israel. The Palestinians don’t want to coexist, they want submission from Israel. The Palestinians aren’t happy with Palestine, they want Jerusalem. These idiots will never be happy and will continue to be killed. They bring this on themselves with their actions. Someone needs to explain that to the old man in the film whining about the oppression of Palestinians from his bed. I have no sympathy for the Palestinian people and all attempts made to achieve peace with them are exercises in futility.

The plain irony in all the speeches from the Islamic leaders is the fact that they want us to go away, to leave their lands, to not attempt to change their ways. Let’s look at that closely. Without the exports of oil, they would starve. Most of the insurgents and terrorist films I watch coming out of Iraq feature insurgents wearing clothing and tennis shoes along with watches and cell phones made elsewhere. They drive cars and trucks that they certainly didn’t produce. They use computers and software produced outside their countries. Osama bin Laden’s fortune came from construction and development, not tent making. Even before we went into Afghanistan, the Taliban were driving pickup trucks which run on gasoline which is processed in refineries that we built for these idiots. Those Taliban trucks don’t run on crude oil fresh from the dirt. Islam, the “religion” of irony and lies, is proven once again to be a lie through the words of Dr. Islam himself, Ayman al-Zawhiri.

Lately I’ve been perusing the liberal message boards, the Utopian seekers forums, the left wing “retreat and run” types and they still think that if we pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan that al Qaeda, Islam and the bad guys will go away. They couldn’t be more wrong. We made that mistake once when we pulled out of Afghanistan after the Russians were defeated, and look what happened. The Taliban and al Qaeda started an accelerated growth pattern and recruitment program, set up terror training camps and ultimately came to America to kill Americans during the decade of the 1990’s and again on September 11, 2001. These fanatics cannot be left alone, unattended. They must be found, rooted out and either killed or imprisoned with the former being the better of the two choices.

People must understand this one simple truth: Islam is intent on either converting the world to their ideology or destroying it. Either way ends in destruction, with the conversion aspect only being a delay before death and destruction. You see the news, you watch the films. They want to die and kill as many others as possible doing so. Islam preaches jihad, murder and suicide as the path to Allah. Islam is a sick, twisted, perverted following of people that are intent on murder and destruction of anything good in this world.

Islam directly defiles and is at war with all other religions and the people that worship these religions. There will be no coexistence by Islam with anything non-Islam. This is a battle between good and evil, nothing more and nothing less. Do not be deceived by this cult of death. To seek the elimination of all others who do not adhere to your ideology is nothing short of Nazism, and Ayman al Zawahiri is the modern day Islamic version of Adolph Hitler.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.