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Terrorist Plot Revealed; Target: Holland Tunnel


7 July 2006: Intelligence officials confirmed that a plot to bomb the Holland Tunnel is under “active investigation” and at least one Islamic terrorist plotter is in custody in Beirut. The plan involved detonating a large amount of explosives inside the tunnel, causing the river to flood the tunnel and the streets of lower Manhattan, targeting the financial district of New York.

According to intelligence officials speaking on condition of anonymity to the Northeast Intelligence Network, about a dozen Islamic terrorists are involved in the plot, some who reside in New York and northern New Jersey. Others are known to be from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iran. The terrorists were promised financial and tactical aid from Jordanian associates of top terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi before he was killed in Iraq.

According to open source reports, the Islamist terrorists allegedly wanted to damage the Financial District in much the same way Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. Our investigation is continuing.

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