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Oil Assets in the Crosshairs of Islamic Terrorists in the U.S.

“Recently intercepted electronic communications, in conjunction with an increase of other pre-incident indicators, suggest an immediate, increased level of risk at these facilities.”– Federal law enforcement official speaking on the condition of anonymity.

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

18 May 2006: Federal law enforcement officials will publicly state that “there are no current credible or specific threats” against U.S. oil refineries, storage facilities, and installations inside the U.S., also adding that no terrorist incidents have taken place at any such location since the attacks of 9/11. Some of these very same officials will admit, privately and off the record however, that there have been at least two documented acts of terrorism that have occurred at two refineries within the last 18 months. These same officials are presently issuing warnings that more “explosions and acts of sabotage” intended to disrupt oil operations “will be attempted in the next few months,” basing these warnings on information developed through recent electronic surveillance intercepts.

Important Information About the March 2005 Blast at the BP Plant in Texas City, Texas Admitted… Oil installations in the area of the Gulf of Mexico and specifically in Texas should be especially vigilant, according to these sources. “Recently intercepted electronic communications, in conjunction with an increase of other pre-incident indicators, suggest an immediate, increased level of risk at these facilities,” confidential sources have admitted to Northeast Intelligence Network investigators. The methods of possible sabotage are diverse and because of the many possibilities, on-site security officers must be on heightened alert. All vehicles entering these facilities need to be thoroughly examined and the identities of the operators need to be verified by the most stringent standards,” stated the federal official Wednesday, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “Also, it is important that the backgrounds of employees used by subcontractors working on-site at such facilities be thoroughly investigated and cleared.”

On March 23, 2005, deadly blasts ripped through BP’s Texas City, Texas facility, killing 15 and injuring another 170 workers. An investigation conducted by federal investigators and BP officials ruled that “human error” led to the fatal blast. Investigators with the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board also laid the blame on faulty alarm systems and level indicators, saying that both systems failed to warn the BP refinery workers immediately prior to the explosion. “Although federal officials will never publicly admit that terrorism played a part in this incident, people should look at the facts and events that occurred in the months following the blast.”

In June 2005, three lawsuits were filed by family members of the victims. Two of those suits were filed by the families of Larry Thomas and Susan Taylor, who were killed in the March 23 explosion. By July 2005 - or about 30 days after they were filed, the lawsuits were settled and the court records sealed. Additional lawsuits were also filed by terminated employees who claim BP wrongly blamed them for the deadly explosion.

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