From Seaport to C4: Unknown quantity of military grade explosive material found in cargo at Port of Miami

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

8 January 2007: The Northeast Intelligence Network confirmed through a law enforcement official from a federal agency that there was C4 or at least residue or remnants of a military grade of C4 - a plastic explosive - that was packaged in a “pallet of provisions” that was to be loaded aboard the Royal Caribbean International’s Majesty of the Seas ship. The specific ship maintains an 812-member crew for her 2,356 passengers and alternates between 3 and 4 days cruises. The ship was scheduled for departure from the Port of Miami tonight for a four-day cruise to the Nassau, Coco Key, Bahamas, back to Key West on the 11th, with the final return to Miami on January 12th.

We are developing additional information about this incident, in addition to yesterday’s events at the Port of Miami at this time. Meanwhile, tune in to The Eagle - 93.9 this evening at 7:30 p.m. ET for the latest information. Douglas J. Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, will be a guest with radio talk show host Derek Gilbert.