Incident at Port of Miami: A case of “Saddam’s Revenge?” Nope, Feds say it’s all a misunderstanding…

8 January 2007: UPDATED: Remember the P&O Ports (Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.) from the Dubai Ports World brouhaha of a year ago? Let’s have another look at the trailer stopped at the Port of Miami, shall we:
Image courtesy of AP /Wilfredo LeeIn Miami, P&O Ports is a 50% owner of the Port of Miami Terminal Operating Company (POMTOC), which operates the only multi-user container facility in the port, on 117 acres with 12 container cranes. (LINK)

News Conference: “It’s all misunderstanding, a ‘miscommunication!’” Two 55 gallon-size “containers” termed “suspicious” found in cargo area of truck - denied at news conference.

Now, changed to:

LINK: Incident at the Port of Miami-Dade caused by ‘miscommunication,’ authorities say” Quite the misunderstanding!

7 January 2006: Shortly after 8:00 this morning, a container-style cargo truck was stopped near the cargo-area entrance to the port of Miami. The Iraqi diver of the vehicle was questioned by police, but gave a number of evasive answers to the routine questions, and denied knowing what was in the container being brought into the busy port. Suspicious of his answers, police searched the cab and found two other Middle Eastern men hiding in the sleeper are of the cab - one Iraqi and another of Lebanese descent.

According to information provided exclusively to the Northeast Intelligence Network, police also found “materials of concern” inside the truck, including handwritten notes and “suggestive drawings,” or perhaps a map. Additional and more in-depth investigative information about this incident will be made available later tonight, following the multi-agency news conference that is expected shortly.

Certain traffic into the Port of Miami - pictured above -is being turned away.