Global Islamic Jihad; New Video by Ayman al Zawahiri released: Target: Somalia

5 January 2007: The Northeast Intelligence Network obtained the very latest video message from al Qaeda de facto leader Ayman al Zawahiri Thursday, where he calls for Muslims across the globe to wage jihad against Ethiopian forces that occupy Somalia. The 5 minute, 35 second video titled “Set Out and Support Your Brothers in Somalia” shows a still image of al Zawahiri from a previous video release with a voiceover by Al Zawahiri addressing his audience in Arabic. (Click on “read more above” for full article, link to video).

Target: Somalia

In this latest video production, Ayman al Zawahiri instructs Muslims worldwide, but especially those in Yemen, Egypt, North Africa and Sudan to join the holy war against the secular government of Somalia. He specifically calls upon the Mujahideen to provide Muslims terrorists in Somalia with experienced fighters and funding to defeat current Ethiopian forces, referring to them as “slaves (proxies) of America.” Zawahiri makes a specific reference to America’s “defeat” in Somalia between 1992 and 1994, and described the U.S. as weaker now after our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he claims a Mujahideen victory over America in those areas of military operation.