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Saddam Hussein is gone. Now what?

Posted By Randy Taylor On January 1, 2007 @ 1:00 am In Editorials,Randy Taylor | Comments Disabled

“If we are going to leave our mark in Iraq, then let’s make it a positive one. Knock off the crap and get to work. Don’t let the blood that has been shed there be in vain. Often the right decision isn’t the most popular one. That’s why we hired you. Make the call and get to work.”

By Randy Taylor, Independent analyst [1]

1 January 2007: Now that Saddam is gone will Iraq be a better place to live? No, in reality he was dead two years ago. All his aspirations and evil died when he was taken into custody. All his death insures is that he personally cannot rise to power again. The country of Iraq is in complete disarray and no one is grabbing the ball and moving forward with a viable plan. We are hearing lots of talk and yet no firm viable action.

This invasion of Iraq shows the real flaw in US policy regarding Iraq. The planners didn’t calculate or investigate the cultures involved in enough depth. They underestimated the insurgency and al Qaeda’s rush into the non stabilized region. Okay, so we live and learn. Now let’s fix it. We are the only ones that can do this.

Iraq as it stands with the mixing of sects, the disagreements, the power struggles will never see real peace with the current structure and the current plan. In a civilized society people work out their differences through voting, negotiation, discussions, etc. That doesn’t work in Iraq as it stands. Over there if the vote doesn’t go their way they start killing the opposition in the streets. There needs to be a ruling party or individual for now unfortunately because these people don’t grasp the concept of peace, democracy and stabilization through the democratic process.

Freedom and democracy in Iraq is like throwing a chunk of meat to dogs. They will fight and kill over that chunk of meat rather than share it or compromise. It’s the Neanderthal mentality. A portion of the population “get it” but the warring factions refuse to work towards true freedom and democracy. So remove the troublemakers through whatever means are necessary. This will require manpower. Lots of it.

Islamic countries that are semi-decent to live in all have a ruling family or ruling individual type government. That way they can have certain degrees of this desired Sharia law but it is limited and the ruling person tries to keep it from getting out of hand. Left to themselves, the Muslims in Iraq would end up living Taliban style. That is no better than what Saddam was doing. Same fear factor, different people in charge. To the ones that want to just leave Iraq, go back and watch the Taliban films out of Afghanistan pre-US invasion. Remember where al Qaeda got it’s foothold and set up terrorist training camps. They were no better than Saddam. Murder was the order of the day. In the more stabilized Islamic countries some Muslims decide they want to get extreme and violent and the people that are ruling clamp down on it. The ruling body has to maintain some degree of order in order to maintain a viable entity in the world and the world marketplace. The sheep will require a shepherd for now. Eventually that can change but not right now. Get control before Iran does. Make Iraq a viable entity once again.

Eventually US policy will have to change in that country. I personally would send 200000 to 300000 more troops, lock the place down. Remove the current government structure temporarily and install martial law. It would be a temporary measure only and let the people know this. But show them the carrot when you do this. Both US forces and Iraqi forces need to root out the insurgents and arrest or kill them. Get rid of Sadr. Eliminate al Qaeda in Iraq by whatever means are necessary. This can be accomplished with raw manpower. The terrorists have to be eliminated before any true rebuilding can begin. No point in rebuilding as it stands. Job one is the removal of the trouble makers. It will take some time but with the right amount of US presence it can be done. Some Iraqi and some US forces will die as well as civilians. I don’t think anyone is unfamiliar with the true cost of freedom. These people who have died have made the down payment in blood.

Once the terrorists are gone from a sector or zone, start rebuilding these people’s homes, businesses and markets, get them water and food. Explain to them that once their zone is clear of terrorists and insurgents, then they will become a safe zone. The will be an extension of the preferred living in the Green Zone. Explain to them that we cannot help them until they help themselves by helping us root out the troublemakers. Quit this current process of taking towns, leaving and letting the terrorist right back into them. That’s why these people have no faith in the US in these smaller cities and towns. As soon as we leave, the terrorists are right back in town. Leave a contingent of US and Iraqi soldiers there to hunt down and kill any insurgent that walks into that zone. Build some trust with these Iraqi people. If we were doing it right we wouldn’t be seeing these displays by the terrorists on the streets of the cities we once took.

This photo was retrieved just last week showing terrorists on parade in Mosul:

Do a better job with the Iraqi police and Iraqi National Guard forces. The police there are killed daily in the street. The Iraqi National Guard is under trained and infiltrated by the enemy. On their own they don’t stand a chance. We need a combination of US soldiers and Iraqi National Guard on every block.

In the interim, get the electricity turned on in all homes in safe zones. Make the safe zones a desirable place to be. Make it to where the average Iraqi would rather have his town as a safe zone and is willing to do whatever is necessary to see this happen. Build an economic structure in the safe zones that supply jobs and commerce to these people in these zones. Teach trades and offer education. Make the contracting companies use more Iraqis in the rebuilding. Pay them a good income. Then countrywide and only when the country is under control, slowly, over time allow the voting process on smaller decisions. Then allow voting on larger decisions. Introduce them to the democratic process and what responsibility comes with freedom. Don’t just throw it to them because they haven’t had the ability to make a decent choice on anything for 40 years or more. They don’t understand the process. Explain it to them, educate them.

The US got them into this mess and it is the obligation of the US to clean it up. The end will justify the means. Right now, some plan is better than no plan which seems to be the current course. As it stands, the current is a failure across the board. But there are many, many people that want to see it work that live in Iraq. Our soldiers want to see it work. The decent people in the world want to see it work.

They really need to clamp down on organized crime to as it has taken a huge foothold in the country. That is as dangerous as the insurgency and the terrorism.

This will require the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces to implement. He has until 2008 to get a plan into action that will work. This will not happen with the losers like Pelosi, Murtha and Kerry making decisions. They don’t have a clue about anything. Pelosi thinks San Francisco is normal and Kerry is a purely selfish person. He is out for John Kerry and only John Kerry. Murtha should simply be ignored. He’s an idiot. They seem to be under the impression that we can just pull out and it will go away. Typical Democratic Party thinking. Look around the house now. I’ve never seen so many stupid people in one location. Oh and fire Rice. She has degrees up the wazoo but little to no common sense. She’d make a great librarian not a spokesman for the United States on Middle Eastern Policy. They laugh themselves silly in the Middle East once she leaves the room just like they did with Albright.

If we are going to leave our mark in Iraq, then let’s make it a positive one. Knock off the crap and get to work. Don’t let the blood that has been shed there be in vain. Often the right decision isn’t the most popular one. That’s why we hired you. Make the call and get to work.

Be safe. Stay vigilant.

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