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Where Do We Go From Here?

Posted By Director On October 15, 2006 @ 12:58 am In Editorials,Randy Taylor | Comments Disabled

“This is about survival. The UN has an obvious indifference to the safety of the United States.”

By Randy Taylor Independent Analyst

15 October 2006: In the last few days, we received a blunt warning from North Korea on how the UN Sanctions would be a declaration of war and some additional comments that said missiles could be aimed at the United States.

We said nothing. We instead went to the UN, the most useless organization on the planet.

Iran is steadily building a nuclear arsenal, working 24-7 to develop long range missiles capable of hitting the United States. It’s a safe bet that they already have nuclear weapons that will reach Israel and parts of Europe. They have made clear their intention to remove the Jewish State from the face of this planet. They are coming for us.

We said nothing. Instead we went to the UN, the most useless organization on the planet. Years ago, we wanted to invade Iraq and we went to the UN, yes the most useless organization on the planet. We met stiff resistance. We found out very quickly who are allies were. We gathered in our few faithful allies and basically went it alone with the help of those faithful few. We also exposed multiple scandals based around the “Oil for Food” program with Iraq all the way to the top of the UN leadership.

In the last few days, we thought that maybe the UN would step up to the plate and of course China pulls a boner and severely lessens any potential impact UN sanctions would have on one third of the Axis of Evil. Of course, China is actually an enemy and a member of the UN.

The entire Iran issue being routed through the UN is a joke, an exercise in futility. The Supreme Leader, Supreme Council and their idiot president Ahmadinejad must be laughing themselves silly at the prospect of the UN doing anything in the way of placing restrictions on Iran.

This is about survival. The UN has an obvious indifference to the safety of the United States. They admitted Syria into the council which was placing a certain vote with anyone that is an enemy of the United States. They invited and listened to Arafat, the father of modern Islamic terrorism. North Korea and Iran are there too. All are sworn enemies of the United States. This doesn’t even cover the lists of smaller countries that are allies of our enemies.

So what exactly do we ever expect to get accomplished through the UN? What have we ever accomplished with the UN?

The irony of the UN is that they are dead set against the United States almost every time we go to the UN with a request or a need, following this ridiculous protocol. But every time the UN has a need for relief, for troops or military in a region, they come crying to the US for help.

Future UN Strategy?

We certainly need to develop one. One, we need to reestablish our respect in this world. Some time ago when we told North Korea not to do their missile tests, they did them anyway. So when they piped up and did the nuclear test, our threats went unheeded because they know they were hollow words, empty words from what used to be the greatest superpower on the planet. Why are they unheeded? They were unheeded for the same reason that Iran laughs at us and taunts us with their nuclear enrichment and weapons development. They know we are UN junkies and won’t be able to do anything through the UN.

One has to conclude from history that the UN is a clueless, corrupt organization where most of the members actually resent the United States no matter how they appear. We need to realize this and pull back from the UN and perhaps reestablish a strong, healthy NATO alliance where the people in the organization agree for the most part. It worked well against the Russians for decades and was one the factors of our stability and respect in the world through those times. Maybe we should establish a new organization devoid of communist and terrorist countries altogether. In reality, the UN would crumble if we pulled out and told them to get off our property.

Either way, the UN should be disbanded and their UN building turned into a bank or hotel or casino. At least then the building would serve a legitimate purpose.

Ground Invasions don’t work anymore

We need to issue stiff, serious warnings to North Korea, Iran and Syria and make them real warnings that will be backed up by military action. We should make it clear that verbal threats against the United States or any of our allies will not be taken as rhetoric and will not be accepted in any fashion. When they step out of line, stomp them into the ground. Not the type of invasion like we did in Iraq, I’m talking about bombing them back to the stone age. Hit them so hard and fast that there isn’t even time to allow the media in there. No friendly targets. Destroy everything. Pound their nuclear installations until they either explode or are so destroyed they cannot be rebuilt.

Don’t send in troops, use the technology we have developed to where we minimize the losses of our soldiers. Quit viewing the populations as friendly like we did in Iraq where our soldiers are getting murdered daily by the insurgents and terrorists that hide in the population and where the Iraqi children come out and kick their dead bodies and steal their uniforms and belongings. I realize that was the cover story that we were doing it for the civilians, but it failed. You cannot establish a freedom based democracy where Islam is the primary rule in the government. The concept of that is foolish. They directly conflict with each other. Iraq is an Islamic country overrun with insurgents and terrorists and the populations live in extreme fear or willingly support the terrorists and insurgents. We have done nothing to curb this Islamic onslaught. We see no clear date or even decade when we can pull out and we might as well plan on being there for a while. Daily I watch film of the Iraqi Police and Iraqi National Guard getting slaughtered and when you watch these, there is nothing there that would make someone feel safe and secure. They cannot defend themselves from the insurgents and terrorist so how are they going to protect the population?

This politically correct way we conduct war anymore is crap. When these people decide to pound us with nuclear weapons here in the US they won’t go out of their way to avoid civilians. Their primary target will be the civilian population. When they start running into shopping malls and theaters strapped with explosives, it’s the civilians that will die. I wouldn’t go out of my way to target civilian populations but I certainly wouldn’t restrain or alter a target choice because of the presence of civilians. They have legs, they can leave the area.

I would rather see 100,000 civilians die in a foreign land than even one of our soldiers. That statement sounds hard and uncompassionate but those are my feelings on this. These civilians in these terrorist countries have had years to implement change and regime change and have failed to do so. We cannot allow the US and the free world to be threatened and restrained because of fear of civilian casualties in these countries. Remember, it’s our civilians that are being threatened and will die from any attacks from these terrorist countries or terrorist groups. We need to get our priorities straight.

Be safe and stay vigilant.

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