20 year-old Florida man caught with bomb making equipment, terror manuals after fire at home

23 March 2007: Authorities responding to a fire inside the bedroom of a house in the 3300 block of North Orange Avenue in Orlando, Florida - near Florida Hospital, found more than they anticipated last night. While checking the home, police found jars of chemicals, 2 loaded guns, swords and “terrorism-related books” in the bedroom of 20 year-old Abram SMITH, ho was arrested on charges of possession of explosives and attempting to make a destructive device. Police believe that Smith, a veterinary technician and a night student at Edgewater High School to complete his high-school education, was in the process of making a bomb when a fire started in his bedroom.

According to the police report, authorities found a box that appeared to contain fireworks and mortar-type shells along with several unidentified devices appeared to be electrical in nature and homemade. A PVC pipe was capped on both ends and wired to an unidentified device that appeared to be a pipe bomb, according to the report.

Police and FBI officials are continuing their investigation. The Northeast Intelligence Network is closely following this story to determine the motives and other related factors of SMIITH, who was released on $5,600 bail.