Gas masks, terrorism notes, map, pictures of bombings found in Michigan dumpster

22 March 2007: A dumpster behind a hydraulics plant in the 13000 block of Inkster Road, Redford, Michigan - just a few miles north of Dearborn, Michigan yielded an interesting if not disconcerting find for a Redford businessman. Military style gas masks that were still in their boxes, a map of a Michigan county with the airport prominently circled, clothing, pictures (some “nicely laminated”) depicting bombings and their aftermaths and various handwritten notes (some making reference to an explosion and fireball) were reportedly found by Andrew Wishaw, the president of R.W. Hydraulics Inc., in the dumpster behind his business last weekend. Mr. Wishaw was reportedly interviewed by the FBI yesterday about the items he discovered and turned over to the Redford Police Department.

According to a police report filed in Redford Township, items recovered from the dumpster also included a copy of the Earth First! Journal, female clothing and a map of Mecosta County, Michigan. According to published reports, it was unclear whether the map was actually Mecosta County, but the airport on that specific map was circled. Mr. Wishaw added that it appeared to him that the items were discarded “in haste,” adding that “it looked like stuff, at first, that people dumped out of an apartment.”

Captain Kraig Brueck of the Redford Police Department stated that the photographs looked as if they may have been taken from magazines, and showed scenes typically associated with terrorism, such as the possible aftermath of a car bombing.