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Dubai group to buy US aircraft maintenance companies

21 March 2007: Dubai Aerospace Enterprise is close to completing a $1.5 billion deal to purchase US aviation businesses from the Carlyle Group. As part of the agreement, Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) would buy Landmark Aviation, an aircraft maintenance provider, and Standard Aero, a company that provides repair and maintenance at US airports for small-jet aviation and some military transports.

Last year, state-owned Dubai Ports World’s prospective purchase of some US port operations resulted in a major political upheaval in consideration that giving a state-owned Arab firm control over US port terminals could jeopardize national security. Some of the same political officials who expressed such concern last year over the ports deal appeared less concerned with this transfer. New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, who led the opposition to the Dubai Ports deal, told the Financial Times: “This purchase is not as much of a security risk as Dubai Ports World, but because it deals with maintenance of aircraft, it certainly raises security questions.”

Security questions, indeed…

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