3 Rochester men tied to funding Hezbollah - $15M sent to Middle East between 2002-2004

13 March 2007: Three Yemini-born Muslim businessmen of Rochester, NY, sent nearly $15 million to the Middle East from October 2002 through November 2004, court records show. An undercover investigation by federal officials into their current financial activities charge that the men sent or conspired to send another $200,000 destined to support the Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah. The three men operate mini-market type businesses in the city of Rochester, and have generated the revenue, in part, through credit card fraud, selling fake green cards and counterfeit probation letters.

A criminal complaint filed on 24 February 2007 details the activities of the three suspects charged with money laundering and related charges. Charged:

Yehia Ali Ahmed ALOMARI [DOB: 12/10/80 Age: 26]

Short Deli & Grocery
711 North Goodman Street
Rochester, NYMohamed Al HURAIBI [DOB: 01/01/1957 Age: 49]
MOJO’s Star Restaurant
651 Jefferson Street
Rochester, NY

Saleh Mohamed Taher SAEED [DOB: 5/25/79 Age:27]
Durnan Mini-Mart
934 Hudson Avenue
Rochester, NY

If convicted, Alomari, Huraibi and Saeed could be imprisoned up to 20 years and fined $250,000. They also could be deported.