One Year Ago: Failed Suicide Bombing at Oklahoma University

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

1 October 2006: It was a year ago today that Joel Henry HINRICHS III was killed when his backpack containing the explosive TATP (triacetone triperoxide) exploded outside of a packed football stadium at the University of Oklahoma where 84,000 people were in attendance. The blast was heard four miles away and felt nearly a mile away, and shattered windows of a nearby campus building. Thankfully, no one (except HINRICHS) was hurt in the blast.

The incident was described as the work of a mentally disturbed lone bomber who wanted to take his own life, and NOT a failed Islamic based terrorist attack at a stadium full of people. Almost as soon as the blast occurred, a significant cover-up was employed to avoid alarming the public – or alerting the public to Islamic terror cells that continue to exist inside the U.S.

As our investigation revealed in 2005, this bombing was to be much larger and involved more than HINRICHS alone.  In fact, sources close to the Northeast Intelligence Network stated that HINRICHS had accomplices and planned other bombings, but their plans went awry due to the premature detonation of the bomb.

Investigation also revealed that Joel Henry HINRICHS III attempted to purchase a large quantity of ammonium nitrate fertilizer – the same component used in the Alfred Murrah Federal Building Bombing in 1995 that took 171 lives – from Ellsion’s Feed Store in Norman, Oklahoma days before the fatal blast. Ellison stated that HINRICHS was turned away because the supply store does not sell ammonium nitrate.

Witnesses placed HINRICHS at the Islamic Center of Norman, Oklahoma on different occasions prior to the October 1, 2005 explosion.   Fazal CHEEMA, a Pakistani native, fellow OU student and employee of the OU/stadium athletic department, lived with HINRICHS at the time of his death.

Today - a year later - some still call it suicide.