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Islamic Rampage in San Francisco - 13 Seriously Hurt, 1 Dead

Posted By Douglas J. Hagmann On August 30, 2006 @ 3:43 pm In Arrests/Convictions,Domestic Terrorism,Douglas J. Hagmann | Comments Disabled

A Necessary Dose of Perspective: Omeed Aziz POPAL is responsible for as many deaths in a 12 square block area as “Hurricane” Ernesto was for the entire state of Florida. Where’s the media?

Exclusive: Suspect has at least two Arabic aliases and recently returned from a trip to Afghanistan.

Exclusive: “…there is a suspicion that Omeed could have received some type of orthodox indoctrination while in Afghanistan…the bride’s family did not want Omeed to return to the US, and attempted to exert pressure and influence against him to abandon his ‘westernized ways.’” - Federal agent, speaking on condition of anonymity

The driver struck two people in front of the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco on California Street, just blocks from where the rampage ended. IDENTIFIES HIMSELF TO POLICE AS TERRORIST [1]

A very special “Thank you” is extended to the highly respected Hugh Hewitt [2] for his rapid exposure and coverage of this incident.

Investigative Report by Douglas J. Hagmann, Director


Omeed Aziz POPAL

30 August 2006: 0215 ET One person was killed and at least 14 more were injured, several seriously, when a man appeared to intentionally target pedestrians with his vehicle on both sides of San Francisco Bay Tuesday afternoon.

Omeed Aziz POPAL, 29, (also known as Omeed K AZIZ, Omeld K AZIZ, Ohmeed Aziz POPAL according to an investigation conducted by the Northeast Intelligence Network), a native of Afghanistan, began his murderous spree around noon in Fremont, where he hit a man at Fremont Boulevard and Ferry in Fremont. Upon arrival, officers found a deceased male who had been walking northbound on Fremont in the bicycle lane, when he was struck from behind by a dark-colored Honda Pilot The victim was thrown off the road and pronounced dead at the scene, Fremont police said. Witnesses said the driver did not slow down.

The carnage continued as the driver crossed the bay into San Francisco, where he continued striking pedestrians, injuring at least 14 more people in a series of intentional hit and run incidents that spanned several neighborhoods. The suspect was ultimately boxed in by police officers near Spruce and California, and was ultimately arrested shortly after 1:00 pm at the intersection of California and Laurel after a short chase on foot.

According to several witnesses to the incident, the driver appeared “like a madman. After striking one person at one location, he returned to run over two others trying to assist the first. Witnesses stated that “the driver, this man came back and tried to run over all three of them.” According to one witness at that location, the driver “was kind of saying I am going to get somebody.” Omeed Aziz POPAL, a/k/a Omeed K AZIZ, 29 lives with his parents, a younger brother and two younger sisters in a beige stucco, single-family tract-style dwelling located in the 35000 block of Cabrillo Drive, Fremont, California.

According to press reports, he worked at a Fremont tire store on nearby Mowry Avenue, and also worked with his father selling household items at Bay Area flea markets. According to Hamid NEKRAWESH, 43, a first cousin of the suspect, Omeed had recently returned from Afghanistan “to participate in an arranged marriage.” A female identified as Zarghona RAMISH of San Jose, who also identified herself as Omeed’s cousin, said he had been having strange dreams since returning a month ago from Afghanistan.

According to information obtained from a federal police source who spoke to the Northeast Intelligence Network on the condition of anonymity, authorities are looking into the other activities of Omeed AZIZ, or Omeed AZIZ POPAL while he was in his native Afghanistan. “He was gone for quite a while, longer than usual than is customary for a traditional wedding. We are searching through his computer, his media collection and other items, including ‘his writings” that were found in his house.” It was determined that Omeed traveled to Afghanistan three months ago and married into a very fundamentalist Islamic family. According to published accounts and confirmed by our source, “the bride’s family didn’t allow the couple to meet or talk before the wedding.”

The federal agent told this agency that there is a suspicion that Omeed could have received some type of orthodox indoctrination while in Afghanistan. He added, “based on our interviews, the bride’s family did not want Omeed to return to the US, and attempted to exert pressure and influence against him to abandon his “westernized ways.’”

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