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Another plane, another group of Muslims

Posted By Douglas J. Hagmann On August 24, 2006 @ 4:40 am In Domestic Terrorism,Douglas J. Hagmann,Editorials,Ideological Jihad,Legal Jihad | Comments Disabled

“Sadly, it is particularly obvious that many people continue to live their lives in a state of denial and blissful ignorance to the uncomfortable facts, choosing instead to wade in the cesspool of political correctness. From those people, Annie Jacobsen will never receive vindication, despite the abundant evidence to prove the nefarious activities of Islamic terrorists well beyond any reasonable doubt.”

By Douglas J. Hagmann, [1] Director

24 August 2006: What a difference 2 years makes. Yesterday, a dozen men, 10 who appeared to be of Pakistani or Middle Eastern descent were handcuffed and taken off U.S. airliner Northwest Flight NO0042 in Amsterdam due to their suspicious behavior immediately following take-off. The pilot of the Bombay, India-bound Northwest Airlines flight turned the plane around over German air space and returned to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport after passengers in the rear of the wide-bodied DC-10 observed the group of men trying to use cell phones, passing the phones to others, walking around the aircraft and engaging in what many passengers described as obviously significant suspicious behavior shortly after takeoff. “It was behavior that average passengers wouldn’t do,” said one official about the activities of the men.The aircraft was escorted back to the airport by jet fighters scrambled from a northern Dutch military air field and at this point, the investigation is continuing.

This is the latest in a series of incidents involving aircraft passengers - mostly men and all Islamic, either engaged in significantly suspicious behavior aboard US airplanes, or charged with planning to assemble and detonate bombs aboard aircrafts. Some of the plots involved the use of acetone based binary liquid explosives, some involved the use of cellular telephone components (and other electronics) as detonators, but ALL involved a group or groups of Islamic terrorists intent on destroying US airliners and killing innocent people. Today, few people are questioning or minimizing the threat or mocking the passengers who report such suspicious behavior.

Yet, it was only two short years ago on June 29, 2004 when Annie Jacobsen flew on Northwest Airlines flight #327 from Detroit to Los Angeles and reported the suspicious activities of 14 Middle Eastern men aboard that aircraft, not unlike those aboard yesterday’s flight. When Ms. Jacobsen reported her story, however, she was blasted by a wide range of people, from federal authorities to Internet Bloggers, who depicted her as paranoid, bigoted, and in other even less flattering terms.

Based on events involving suspicious behavior aboard US aircrafts since 9/11, especially those over the last 2-3 years, it is obvious that Ms. Jacobsen has been vindicated many times over. It is obvious that the threat to our airlines remain as serious today as they were on and before 9/11. It is obvious that Islamic terrorists are intent on targeting our aircrafts and killing as many innocent people as possible. It is also obvious that the Islamic terrorists are attempting to circumvent security by mixing cleverly disguised liquids, inert by themselves, on-board airplanes to create explosives, and using seemingly innocuous electronics (such as cellular phones, cameras, and other devices) to detonate the bombs.

Sadly, it is particularly obvious that many people continue to live their lives in a state of denial and blissful ignorance to the uncomfortable facts, choosing instead to wade in the cesspool of political correctness. From those people, Annie Jacobsen will never receive vindication, despite the abundant evidence to prove the nefarious activities of Islamic terrorists well beyond any reasonable doubt.

Writers like Patrick Smith of Salon.com, who spent three pages and two years attacking Ms. Jacobsen for absurdly thinking that the activities of a group of Muslim men on flight 327 was anything but her hysterical utterances, continue to delude themselves for the sake of political correctness. More recently, the equally delusional Salon.com writer Mark Benjamin, who chooses to believe that three Arab men caught with 1000 cell phones and photos of a bridge are nothing more than the victims of their tenacious entrepreneurial spirit, seems blind to the prolific amount of evidence to the contrary.

Both writers are only two of too many to mention who continue to suffer from cranial-rectal inversion in matters of terrorism and national security. After all, it’s just another plane and another group of misunderstood and unfairly profiled group of Muslims. And hey, nothing happened, did it? What more proof do we need?

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