Flammable Liquid Found Aboard U.S. Domestic Flight

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director & Judi McLeod, Founder & Editor,  Canada Free Press

23 August 2006: An investigation conducted jointly between investigators from the Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press, acting on information provided by a well placed source within the airline industry, has found that the threat to our airlines – even those originating within the United States and Canada – does not appear to be over. The recently discovered UK based plot to detonate explosives on international flights into the US might have a greater reach and pose a greater threat than originally reported.

On Saturday, August 19, 2006, an alert member of a flight crew aboard United Airlines flight 94 from San Francisco(SFO) to Newark(EWR) made a rather startling discovery: a bottle of “Aquafina,” emptied and refilled with a yellowish liquid was placed in the galley of the aircraft, on a back counter near a coffee warmer. A subsequent inspection of the bottle and testing of the liquid by safety officials, including members of a Hazmat crew found that the bottle contained a “flammable, highly explosive liquid that has no legitimate commercial purpose.” Interviews with members of the flight crew reported that no one working that flight recalled seeing the refilled bottle until its discovery immediately prior to the aircraft’s descent.

According to the information provided to the Northeast Intelligence Network by a well-placed source and further confirmed through federal transportation officials speaking on the condition of anonymity, the bottle “did, in fact, contain a liquid explosive, and appeared to be deliberately placed near the coffee burner sometime right before the aircraft’s descent [into Newark].” Had the bottle tipped toward or onto the heat source, or been exposed to other possible effects from either the heat or landing, “it is feasible that the contents could have ignited or exploded.” An investigation conducted jointly between investigators from the Northeast Intelligence Network and CanadaFreePress.com found that this incident was reported internally within the airline carrier’s safety board and is under active investigation, although so far, it has been successfully kept out of the media.

Based on this incident, flight crews have been instructed to “protect the integrity and security” of the galleys of the aircrafts, insure limited access to those areas by passengers, and to conduct periodic inspections of such areas before and during the flights.