Two Middle Eastern truck drivers acting suspicious & carrying radioactive cargo

Exclusive Field Report by Northeast Intelligence Network Investigator Doug Hagmann

22 August 2006: Around 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 20, 2006, an alert employee working the fuel desk at the Travel America of America Truck Stop on Interstate 80 in Brookville, Pennsylvania noticed that several things were “wrong.” Two men, both of Middle Eastern origin, speaking Arabic and broken English and operating a tractor trailer, with the trailer bearing radioactive cargo placards, provided the travel center false information: fraudulent registration information and a false vehicle identification number.

While one of the men was at the fuel desk, the other purchased a heavy-duty lock used to secure the rear cargo door of the trailer from the general store within the travel center. The men were observed as one used bolt cutters to cut the existing lock from the cargo door, after which both men entered the trailer. After being inside for a short time, both men exited the trailer and secured the cargo door with the newly purchased lock.

The men then proceeded to travel west on I-80 through Pennsylvania and into Ohio where they were stopped by the Ohio Highway Patrol inside Ohio. The Northeast Intelligence Network continues to investigate the incident.