There is nothing new to this terror plot

The plans for the latest airplane terror plot have been around for the last ten-(10) years.

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

11 August 2006: As information is being made public about the plot to blow up US planes from the skies, we can almost hear the collective gasps of surprise and horror from people, even from some within our government. This plot should come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention of events over the last ten years. More importantly, our government, the TSA, and those in charge of protecting the flying public had well over a decade to prepare against this VERY threat, yet little has been done, and our public safety officials are seen scrambling around as if they were taken completely by surprise.

A very good friend of mine with very close ties to federal sources said to me this morning:

“I think it’s a joke that the government is now making an issue out of liquid explosives being used to down airliners. The use of liquid explosives to down airliners has been around for some time, even dating back to 1996. Doesn’t anyone remember TWA flight 800, or do people really believe in the ‘official’ government explanation for that event?”

My friend should know, as she was definitely in a position to know about these matters. She continued:

“Have people forgotten about Ramzi YOUSEF, and his jailhouse talks, mostly through passed notes with prison cell buddy Greg SCARPA Jr., who was cooperating with the Justice Department in order to get a lighter sentence for his crimes?. Whatever SCARPA’S intentions, officials can’t deny the existence of the notes clearly detailing Ramzi YOUSEF’S specific and very detailed plans explaining exactly how to smuggle liquid explosives onto an aircraft, what explosives should be used, and how they need to be prepared. Those notes date back to 1996 and specifically mention the use of [b]acetone peroxide[/b] as a component of the virtually undetectable explosive. There is nothing new to this plot – absolutely NOTHING, so why the government charade? I am tired of these government snobs who are only concerned about covering their own behinds to the detriment of the rest of the country.”

I completely agree. If those who are in charge with our security are indeed surprised by the use of liquid explosives, that the plotters planned to mix a British sports drink with a gel-like substance to make a potent explosive that could be ignited with among other things, a cell phone, then they have no business holding their positions as they are completely incompetent, lazy, compromised, or all of the above. Take a look at this 1996 document that has been in the public arena for a number of years

instructpage1 and this page

instructpage2Both pages written in May 1996 – over 10 years ago – are virtually an EXACT outline for the latest UK based terror plot. Why then, should anyone within TSA, DHS, FBI, or anyone in charge with protecting our airlines, or even the corporate media, if they are doing their job, be surprised?

We have been publicly reporting on these very threats, these very plots for the last five years, but government officials have been – at best – perilously complacent and for the most part, the media completely uninterested, and the majority of people completely oblivious to the threats we face.

There is nothing new here - nothing.