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Obama gives hope to terrorists

Posted By Director On January 29, 2009 @ 7:57 am In Douglas J. Hagmann | Comments Disabled

Perhaps the most misunderstood or misrepresented belief about Muslim terrorists is WHY they commit terrorist acts. Muslim terrorists do not commit acts of terror out of despair, but out of hope.

29 January 2009: President Barack Hussein Obama’s reported dialogue with Islamic terrorists [1] will have dire consequences for the security of the United States and more ominous consequences for survival of Israel and the balance of power in the Middle East. At best, his outreach to Muslim terrorists is a clear example of his complete lack of understanding of what motivates Muslim terrorists. At worst, it represents an almost unthinkable level of complicity with regard to the existence of Israel and the balance of power in the Middle East.

Perhaps the most misunderstood or misrepresented belief about Muslim terrorists is WHY they commit terrorist acts. Muslim terrorists do not commit acts of terror out of despair, but out of hope. Hope that the U.S. will abandon its support for Israel, and hope for Israel’s total annihilation. Hope for the acquiescence by the West to succumb to their loftier goals of complete domination. Hope, not despair is the motivating factor behind homicide bombings and rocket attacks in Israel, and behind the actions of 9/11 type terrorist who have their sights set on the U.S. and the West.

Opening a dialogue with al Qaeda or other Middle East terror organizations fuels the hope that the U.S. will, for all practical purposes, abandon Israel and will have other far reaching consequences for the West. To the terrorists, it sends a signal that the U.S. that their tactics are working, which in turn, opens the door for more terror attacks. Convoluted thinking? Absolutely. But even after Americans and all Westerners have had ample opportunity to gain insight and understanding into the rationale and tactics behind Islamic terrorism, most still do not understand that the terrorists do not think like we do in the West. Such misunderstanding by the general public is unfortunate. Misunderstanding at higher levels of government is tragic. Deliberately negotiating with terrorists is an affront to the victims of heroes of every terrorist attack against the U.S. and treasonous at it core.

Whether it is a failure to understand the motivation of the terrorists, or whether it represents something more contemptible, the results for the U.S. and Israel will be the same, although the latter will expedite the consequences.

For the readers and followers of our web site, we warned about this very issue in an article dated December 31, 2008. [2] We told you this was going to happen - and it is indeed happening.

RELATED: Douglas J. Hagmann in an interview on Israel National Radio, January 11, 2009 on the Tamar Yonah Show. Listen to the PODCAST at this link [3].

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