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Oklahoma University President David Boren defends would-be bomber’s memorial

Posted By Douglas J. Hagmann On April 27, 2007 @ 12:46 pm In Arrests/Convictions,Domestic Terrorism,Douglas J. Hagmann,Special Reports,Suspicious Incidents | Comments Disabled

— Douglas J. Hagmann, Investigator, Director, Northeast Intelligence Network

27 April 2007: Oklahoma University President David Lyle Boren [1] was a former state legislator, Governor of Oklahoma, and a three-term United States Senator. While in the Senate, he was the longest-serving chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence. When the first plane hijacked by Islamic terrorists hit the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001, Boren was having breakfast at the Hay-Adams Hotel restaurant with former CIA Director George Tenet - the man he appointed to the position of staff director of the Select Committee’s oversight panel.

It was Boren who essentially gave Tenet his start in the intelligence world that led to his position as CIA Director. And it was Tenet who was “on watch” when 3000 of our citizens were slaughtered as a result of one of America’s worst intelligence failures in our country’s history. It was Boren who was “on watch” when one of his students carried a backpack full of explosives to a packed football stadium, only to have the backpack detonate at a time and location not initially intended.

On October 1, 2005, Oklahoma University student Joel Henry HINRICHS III, wearing a backpack containing the highly unstable explosive TATP, met his death outside of the football stadium at Oklahoma University during a football game where 84,000 fans were in attendance. Triacetone Triperoxide, or TATP, is known as the “Mother of Satan” because of it’s instability and lethality and has been frequently used by Islamic terrorists - including those involved in the July 7, 2005 train bombings in London and by the would-be “shoe bomber” Richard Reid. According to some witnesses, HINRICHS (not a football fan, according to his father) attempted to gain entry into the Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, but apparently fled when he realized that he would be unable to clear security without having his backpack inspected prior to entry.

Witnesses also identified HINRICHS as attempting to purchase about 1,000 pounds - 22 bags of ammonium nitrate, a component used to make fertilizer type bombs. Ammonium nitrate is the same type of fertilizer used in the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, OK that claimed 168 men, women and children, along with three unborn children.

Additionally, police found a one-way airline ticket to Algeria in the apartment HINRICHS shared with his Pakistani roommate Fazal M. CHEEMA. They also found bomb-making manuals, bomb making equipment including mixing bowls, a slow cooker, a thermometer, plastic containers, a hobby fuse, a circuit board, six tape rolls, and chemicals used to make TATP, as well as a significant amount of material that could be used as shrapnel to make a bomb of that type more lethal to bystanders.

Despite these accounts that indicate HINRICHS had more planned than suicide, Oklahoma University President David Lyle Boren publicly assured his students and his faculty and staff that HINRICHS had no intention of detonating his payload of explosives in the packed football stadium. Instead, he asserted that HINRICHS chose to kill himself in this odd manner, at the location where he did, because of the “beauty” of the area.

Now, Mr. Boren continues his campaign of willful perversion of the facts, deliberate fabrications, and a contemptible disregard for the safety of his campus by continuing his disingenuous charade and deceitful mischaracterization of the events of October 1, 2005 by emphasizing tolerance and sensitivity over truth and security. As an added insult to the potential victims of Joel Henry HINRICHS III, David Boren has given his imprimatur to a memorial stone in remembrance of HINRICHS. The stone, inscribed “Joel H HINRICHS III” was placed earlier this month near the end of the patio west of the student union, among other similar stones commemorating such people as former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, television personality Katie Couric and Oklahoma native James Garner. As reported today in The Norman Transcript, [2] Boren is quoted:

“We need to encourage understanding and compassion in our society instead of more anger and intolerance based upon misinformation,” Boren said. “What kind of people would we be if we refused to allow a grieving family the right to remember their deceased son or brother? Of course, if there had been any evidence that he was attempting to harm others our decision would have been different, but there was none.”

Apparently, the “laundry list” of items removed from HINRICHS’ Parkview Apartment and the witness accounts of his activities before the blast - as well as witnesses who observed HINRICHS at the Islamic Society of Norman, Oklahoma in the weeks before the explosion, is not enough to convince Boren of something larger than a suicide was to take place at his campus. Instead, Boren appears to be all too willing to maintain that there was no malice on the mind of HINRICHS beyond his own demise. This, however, is not the first time Boren has tried to bury the truth in his capacity as university president.

On September 16, 2001, two OU students were involved in an altercation with a Pakistani Muslim OU student who was working at a local convenience store. According to one report, [3] Pakistani student Mohammad Yaseen HAIDER was the aggressor in an altercation involving two American students, yet the two American students were forced from the University (although were eventually allowed to return) while HAIDER, who attended the Norman, OK Mosque, was rewarded by Boren with a work-study job at the Parkview Apartments.

HAIDER’S employment was short-lived. On November 8th, Immigration and Naturalization Service agents arrested HAIDER and his two roommates, Nabeel KHALID and Mohammad Imran SHAIKH, for violating their student visas by being employed off campus.

KHALID & SHAIKH were released after a month in custody. KHALID moved back to Pakistan while SHAIKH remained in Norman. HAIDER, who was set to be deported on December 13, 2001, was charged in mid-November for threatening to mail anthrax to a woman he was harassing by e-mail.

It is difficult to comprehend how Mr. Boren, in his capacity as university president, can exhibit such a cavalier disregard for the safety and security of his students by consciously burying the facts in the case of Joel Henry HINRICHS III under the umbrella of showing “understanding and compassion.” It is especially difficult to understand how Boren could permit a memorial on university grounds to a former student who, were it not for a series of unexpected or unintended circumstances, could have killed more than those who were murdered at Virginia Tech earlier this month.

As director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, I am urging everyone, especially those with vested interests in the safety and security of the student body and campus, to call for the immediate resignation of David Lyle Boren. If you wish to express your sentiments to the university, the following contact information is provided:

Telephone: (405) 325-3916
FAX: (405) 325-7605
E-Mail: dboren@OU.edu
Web site: http://www.ou.edu/RELATED ARTICLES:

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RELATED: A partial list of intersecting paths in Norman, OK

Oklahoma University, the Islamic Society of Norman, Oklahoma, and the Parkview Apartments all have interesting and disconcerting intersecting paths before, during and after the September 11, 2001 attacks on America:

September 11 hijacker Ziad Jarrah’s ticket (United Airlines Flight 93) was purchased from a computer terminal at Oklahoma University.

September 11 hijackers Al Shehhi, Al Hazmi, Mohamed Atta as well as convicted Islamic terrorist Zacharias Moussaoui all stayed in the Parkview Apartments, and each had ties to the Islamic Society of Norman, Oklahoma.

On or about 26 February 2001, Zacharias MOUSSAOUI opened a bank account in Norman, Oklahoma where he deposited approximately $32,000 in cash, and attended the Airman Flight School in Norman, Oklahoma between 26 February 2001 and 29 May 2001. (In early July 2000, Mohammed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi visited the Airman Flight School in Norman, Oklahoma). MOUSSAOUI also had ties to the Islamic Society of Norman, Oklahoma.

On a bus trip to the University of Oklahoma, Zacharias MOUSSAOUI was on the same bus as Nicholas BERG, the American man who was beheaded in Iraq in 2004 by Islamic terrorists. At some point on that trip, MOUSSAOUI asked BERG if he could use BERG’S laptop computer. Government sources said BERG gave the MOUSSAOUI his computer password.

On 26 September 2005, University of Oklahoma student Charles Alfred DREYLING, JR, OF Norman, Oklahoma was charged with bringing an explosive device to an airport and ultimately pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge in federal court in Oklahoma City. DREYLING, 24, was arrested in August, 2005 at the Will Rogers World Airport after security personnel noticed a suspicious object in his carryon bag as he was leaving for a family vacation with his parents. He later told FBI agents the device — a modified carbon dioxide cartridge filled with gunpowder — was “basically a pipe bomb,” according to court papers that he had forgotten was in his bag. Interestingly, former Oklahoma City, OK Mayor Kirk Humphreys– who was also DREYLING’S landlord– spoke on behalf of DREYLING at his bail hearing.

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