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Analysis: Islamic unification in Iraq

Posted By Randy Taylor On April 27, 2007 @ 12:56 pm In Intelligence Analysis,Iraq,Randy Taylor | Comments Disabled

27 April 2007: A larger and far more organized unified front is shaping up in Iraq, promising a bloodier offensive against our troops and coalition forces in the not-so distant future. Veteran independent counter-terrorism analyst Randy Taylor, [1] has been monitoring various communications involving Sunni and Shiâ’ groups in Iraq in addition to the variety of potential threats to North America. On April 21, a number of Arabic language Internet websites published a “declaration” signed four days earlier by 15 Iraqi Resistance organizations and announcing an alliance of Sunni and Shiâ’ Jihadi Resistance organizations in southern Iraq. The aim of the alliance is to carry out operations against U.S. and coalition forces in a unified front. While this story appeared in various media venues in the Middle East, the American media and nearly all of their paid consultants missed this significant story entirely.

According to Mr. Taylor, Sunni and Shi’ite groups have formed a “unified” front to fight US and Coalition forces, something he described as “predictable and inevitable,” and placing our troops into a position of having to fight a stronger and more cohesive enemy. The end result will be a “bigger and far more organized blood bath than has already been experienced,” stated Mr. Taylor.

“The insurgent and terrorist groups have grown significantly stronger and greater in manpower since they started fighting each other. I suspect Iranian involvement, as this level of unification accelerated following the return of Iraqi Shi’te leader Muqtada al-Sadr from Iran. He carried a message, most likely from his Iranian handlers, that the Shi’ites would be focusing on the U.S. and Coalition forces, rather than devoting so much time fighting the Sunni’s. It is also important to point out that the location and activities of al Sadr have been unaccounted for since his return, further reinforcement the likelihood that he has been engaged in unification talks with the Sunni groups in Iraq,” according to the latest analysis of Mr. Taylor.

The much reported issue of sectarian violence in Iraq - referring to the fighting between the Shia’ and Sunnis - has prompted Iran, one of the most formidable of Islamic enemies of the West, to recognize this as a tactic of the U.S. to provoke internal strife within the Islamic front. Using their influence to unite the factions, Iran accomplishes two objectives: causing greater mass casualty events in Iraq, and proving their role as masters of distraction as they continue to sway the world’s attention away from their nuclear program. The unification of groups and coordination of efforts was outlined in The following declaration:

Declaration of the Popular Front for the Iraqi Resistance

The victories in the field that are piling up every day in our country will have far reaching results on all levels: in the Arab world, the region, and the world, and on America specifically. Therefore we see it trying to cook up and market all kinds of plans aimed at enveloping the Resistance, robbing it of its accomplishments, and halting its triumphant march. This is the explanation for the feverish efforts by American diplomats and officials of the occupation and its tails. Victory in Iraq, thanks be to God the Almighty, has become an accepted fact that the enemy is soon to recognize. The defeat of the Zionist-American project has become a matter of time and then the region and the world will hear the thunder of as it falls. Thus, militant patriotic unity is a safety valve and balm for the people against the threat of sectarianism.

With that in mind, we groups of jihadi organizations operating in Iraq that by the grace of God have made the occupiers taste all sorts of humiliation and suffering and have fought with virility, audacity, and courage, declare the unification of our ranks in a comprehensive open front that we have called, after relying on God, by the name of the Popular Front for the Iraqi Resistance. We have drawn up our goals, made clear our means, unified our slogans, and reunified our forces so as to stand with the rest of our brothers in the fighting jihadi groups, the organizations, and associations that reject the occupation, its plans and agendas, taking the stand of heroes who fight in defense, hand in hand until victory is attained, by the will and grace of God.

Aware of the extent of responsibility resting on our shoulders we will keep the door open before all those who see the correctness of our path, the truth of our goals, and the soundness of our means to join us in the battle for liberation and for building an independent state. In particular we address our appeal to our people in wounded southern Iraq where our fighting brigades have appeared to bring back the glories of their grandfathers in the epic Revolution of 1920 against the British occupation.

Upon God the Almighty we rely, for He is the best of patrons and the best of supporters.


1. Jaysh al-Murabiteen

2. Brigade of the Victorious Salah ad-Din

3. The Brigades of the Lions of Islam

4. The Brigades of the Liberation in Kirkuk

5. The Unified Command of the Mujahideen

6. Forces of the Imam -Ali ibn Abi Talib

7. The Brigade of the Clear Victory (Kutaybat an-Nasr al-Mubeen)

8. The al-Faruq Brigade

9. The Brigades of the Freemen of the South

10. The Salafi Brigade of Temperance

11. The al-Hasan al-Basri Brigade

12. The Umar al-Faruq Brigade  Sinjar

13. The ar-Rasheed Brigades

14. The Squadrons of the Islamic Dawn

15. The Brigades of Iraq

The Popular Front for the Iraqi Resistance

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