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Al Qaeda bombers & statement of responsibility

ABC News Alexis Debat reports: “Officials: Algerian Bombing Is First Wave of New Al Qaeda “Spring Offensive”

12 April 2007: As we reported yesterday, al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the two large explosions in the Algerian capital that killed at least 24 people and left 222 more wounded. A telephone call to Al Jazeera’s office in Rabat, a man identifying himself as Abu Mohammed SALAH said that three al-Qaeda members had carried out suicide truck-bombings that targeted three sites: the Algerian government building in the capital, the headquarters of Interpol and the judicial police headquarters in Bab Ezzouar.

SALAH added: “We are targeting the alliance of crusaders and their governments, tracing them wherever they are, defending our brothers the oppressed all over the world, and defending our brothers the detainees, prisoners and oppressed ones in Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania or others.”

The group also claimed responsibility in an internet statement and posted photos of the three “martyrs,”Muath bin JABAL, Al-Zubeir Abu SAJEDA, and Abu DUJANA.
Courtesy of Archangel According to the statement:

The first target was the headquarters of the apostate government in the Algerian capital Algiers where the martyr Muath bin JABAL drove a truck filled of 700 kg (approximately 1540 pounds)of explosives into the apostates’ fortress and according to our own sources, killing about 45 and injuring an unknown number of them, destroying part of the building.

The second target was the headquarters of the International INTERPOL in the capital Algiers (the gate of Zuwar) where the martyr Al-Zubeir Abu SAJEDA drove a truck filled with 700 kg (approximately 1540 pounds) of explosives, storming into the den of the tyranny and infidelity and those who are fighting Jihad, and he was able with Allah’s blessing to destroy it completely, killing at least eight apostates and injuring an unknown number of them.

The third target was the headquarters of the special forces of the Police in Ezzouar Gate in the capital where the martyr Abu DUJANA drove a truck filled with 500 kg (approximately 1100 pounds) of explosives, storming the apostate fortress and was able with Allah’s blessing to destroy it completely, killing and injuring a large number of apostates.

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