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Wars and Rumors of Wars

Posted By Sean Osborne On April 9, 2007 @ 5:30 pm In Intelligence Analysis,Iran,Israel,Russia,Sean Osborne | Comments Disabled

By Sean Osborne, [1] Associate Director, Military Affairs

April 9, 2007 This is a continuation of “The Iranian Ganglion: A Current Assessment,” albeit it is from a perspective of analysis and reflection upon the continuing statements of the former Chief of Staff of the Russian armed forces, Col. Gen. Leonid Grigor’yevich Ivashov referenced earlier. Most readers of the Judeo-Christian faith will recognize the title of this installment as deriving from the prophetic words delivered by Christ during His Sermon on the Mount of Olives. The applicability of these words for our time is striking, if not foreboding, especially when taken in the context of Ezekiel, chapters 38 and 39. Russia and Iran in such close proximity and military alliance is an unmistakable benchmark in an era of world history which has seen the Jews re-gathered into the land of Israel and in control of Jerusalem - as was also foretold in detail.

The comments of this senior Russian career military officer in this context are most disturbing, and a much closer look is warranted. Reportedly, General Ivashov was the Chief-of-Staff of the Russian armed forces when 9/11 occurred. General Ivashov’s biography is that of a consummate, professional, career Russian military officer. Yet, from his mouth propagates the core basis of the ludicrous nonsense coming from the political left and the loony conspiracy theorists, which stands in stark contrast to the military and strategic principles of the Russian Military Doctrine published in April 2000. The propagated nonsense asserts that the events of September 11, 2001 were actions initiated by the United States government, that Islamist terrorism is a non-existent figment of our imagination and every other social, political and economic force in the world is part of a grand scheme, a grand conspiracy of America and her allies to conquer and enslave the world.

At this point some folks might be rolling off their easy chair in laughter. Folks like Cindy Sheehan, Nancy Pelosi and other friend of Hugo, Mahmud and Bashar. If this is you as well, then when you regain control of yourself – consider the following. This Russian general, his senior leadership and their allies really believe these things are truth. This Russian mindset and worldview meshes quite seamlessly with that of the Shia’ apocalyptic views of the Iranian regime. This senior Russian military officer is saying publicly that which manifests how they truly view America, Israel and the West in general.

Once again Russia is aligning itself not with the West but with the East, and now with the South, with Islamofascism. The tangible proof of the real Russian agenda is manifest in the ongoing nuclear proliferation and massive arms sales to the Islamic Republic of Iran and their socialist Alawite Shia’  allies in Syria. Russia has joined the Axis of Evil by any measure applied. Russia has aligned itself with those who seek to destroy our way of life. We had better take notice because while Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons, Russia already has them in the thousands. Those Russian weapons are now the effective global strategic depth of Iran and Syria. Nancy Pelosi, did you hear what I just said?

General Ivashov has expounded upon his comments which I reported on in the article linked above. He was quoted by the Russian Interfax news agency yesterday saying that not only are US plans to attack Iran still on track for this month, but that our strike will include a nuclear first strike upon Iran. Citing “our data” - which can only mean Russian government intelligence assessments General Ivashov said:

Combat nuclear weapons may be used for bombing. This will result in radioactive contamination of the Iranian territory, which could possibly spread to neighboring countries.

Do you hear that? This Russian government mouthpiece has said that America intends to launch Armageddon. General Ivashov continued, “If Iran strikes back at Israel with missiles, Tel-Aviv is likely to use nuclear weapons on Iran.

Source: http://www.interfax.ru/e/B/0/28.html?id_issue=11708925

If this is not a Russian government sanctioning of an Iranian or even a Russian-Iranian-Syrian preemptive strike upon America, Israel and our Western allies, then I do not know what is. I do know that the existential danger we face today is as great as anytime since the Cuban Missile crisis, perhaps all the more so.

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