UPDATE: Muslim women continue to claim “religious discrimination”

Muslim complainant of “religious discrimination” long-time friend of convicted terrorist

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director
“I hate the U.S. government.” -Kimberly “Asma” Al-HOMSI (L).
Aisha Abdul-Rahman HAMAD is shown at right in photograph.
Photo courtesy of WFAA News Channel 8.
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Kimberly Suzanne “Asma” Al-Homsi
“I’m a trained sniper and proud of it”7 April 2007: Kimberly Suzanne Al-HOMSI (pictured above), one of two women detained and questioned about their overt surveillance activities at Love Field on February 25, 2007 and again two days later, admits having a personal friendship with convicted Muslim terrorist Wadih EL HAGE and his wife April. Wadih El Hage, a former secretary for Osama bin Laden, was convicted of conspiracy in the bombings of two U.S. embassies in East Africa prior to 9/11. Rebecca Lopez, a reporter for WFAA-TV reports that despite that conviction and Al-Homsi’s admission that she has known El Hage and his wife for over 20 years and continues to “support” the convicted terrorist “110%” she has no ties to terrorism and in fact, is a victim of Muslim profiling. “He bombed two U.S. embassies. I have no comment on that. I wasn’t there. I don’t know the circumstances but I still support my brother and sister a hundred and ten percent,” stated Al-Homsi in an interview conducted by Rebecca Lopez. The bombings killed more than 200 people and injured thousands. EL Hage was given a life sentence.

Timeline & description of activities

On February 25, 2007, Kimberly Suzanne “Asma” AL-HOMSI of Arlington, Texas, and Aisha HAMAD, 50, of Irving, Texas were seen at Love Field wearing Muslim robes and military fatigue pants and “acting suspiciously,” according to officials.

A review of video from airport surveillance cameras showed one of the women obviously apparently pacing off distances at the airport. When confronted by officials, both women stated that they were looking for the Frontiers of Flight museum, and left without further incident. Both women were occupants of a red Honda, according to officials.

On February 27, 2007, the executive director of the airport museum spotted a red Honda parked on the museum property facing the runway at the airport as he was leaving for the evening. Al Homsi was seated on the hood of the car, using binoculars to view the aircraft and various locations on the airport property. The women left the property, but were stopped by Dallas Police a short distance from the airport. Police reported that the women had a digital camera memory cards, binoculars, a flashlight and several lighters on them, but refused when officers asked if they could search their car. They were released after the traffic stop, although the driver of the vehicle was cited by police for not having a front license plate and failing to change her address on her driver’s license.

On March 5, 2006, investigation of that incident sparked a police intelligence bulletin to be issued and distributed among airport and law enforcement personnel. According to reports by WFAA-TV reporter Rebecca Lopez, as information from that bulletin became public, Hamad claims that she has been placed on administrative leave from her job at Outsource Partners International.

As a result of being stopped, detained and questioned, the women are now claiming “they’re being harassed by police and federal agents because of their religious and political views.”

Previous troubles

Kimberly “Asma” Al-HOMSI is on probation for a December, 2005 Garland Road incident involving a fake grenade.

On Dec. 20, 2005, Ms. Al-Homsi was arrested after a motorist reported that she waved a grenade at him while driving Central Expressway near the LBJ Freeway. Richardson, Texas police caught up with her as she was leaving the parking lot of the Brighter Horizon’s Academy in Garland, Texas, a private Islamic academy where she had just picked up her teenage daughter from classes. The Garland, Texas bomb squad was called and ultimately determined that the grenade was inert. During a search of her vehicle, authorities also found ammunition inside the vehicle. She was released the next day, after officials charged her with making a bomb hoax, and was sentenced in June 2006 to 24 months of probation.

Al-HOMSI also admitted to being a trained sniper and having explosives training, and regularly practices her rifle skills with an assault rifle at the Alpine Shooting Range in Fort Worth, Texas.

Claims of discrimination

Aisha HAMAD has never been arrested or charged with any crime, and neither woman has been charged with any crime in connection to their actions at Love Field Airport. As reported by WFAA-TV Rebecca Lopez, despite their activities at Love Field, Aisha HAMAD and Asma Al-HOMSI say they’re being harassed. They claim that for months they’ve been followed and then interrogated by federal agents. Aisha HAMAD claims: “All our rights have been violated since the patriot act came in. All our rights violated.” Adds AL-HOMSI:

“Religious, racial profiling is what it is called. Guilt by association.” “If I didn’t have a scarf on my head and it was a simple road rage [referencing the 2005 incident] I would not be on the terrorism watch list.” Al HOMSI, who is of Syrian descent, also stated: “I don’t like the U.S. Government” and that she is sympathetic to the Palestinian people. Al-HOMSI is reportedly an accountant who has dual Syrian-U.S. citizenship.

The women deny scouting the airport; they say they were simply watching planes for recreation.

Connection to the Flying Imams?

Investigation conducted by Doug Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network found the apparent spokesperson of the duo, Kimberly Al-HOMSI is also known as Kimberly al-SAFWEH, and might have been associated with an address in Tucson, Arizona a few years ago - an address, according to this investigation, that is a mere 6 ½ miles from an address possibly associated with Omar SHAHIN, one of the 6 “flying Imams.”

SHAHIN and the 5 other Muslim leaders are at the center of controversy and the plaintiffs of a civil-rights lawsuit against US Airways and the passengers who reported their suspicious behavior. Whether Al-HOMSI and SHAHIN are acquainted with each other remains under investigation by the Northeast Intelligence Network.