Two Muslim women claim “Muslim persecution” after behavior at Dallas airport causes stir

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

“This is an attempt to be made as the “female counterpart” to the case of the ‘flying Imams’ in terms of allegations of civil rights violations and illegal profiling.”Douglas J. Hagmann

6 April 2007: First, it was the six attention-seeking Muslim religious leaders whose suspicious behavior resulted in their expulsion from a US Airways flight last November - and a current civil rights lawsuit. Now, it’s two Muslim women wearing military fatigues in addition to their traditional Muslim headscarves, using binoculars and engaged in obvious surveillance activity at Love Field in Dallas who are crying “religious profiling” and the “persecution of Muslim women.”

As reported by WFAA News Channel 8, the incident took place in February when two Muslim women, identified as Kimberly “Asma” Al-HOMSI, 43, and Aisha Abdul-Rahman HAMAD, 50, were using binoculars outside of the fence at Love Field, pacing off distances at the airport, and engaging in other activities “in a manner classic of surveying an area.” Despite their overt suspicious behavior, both women claim that they were simply going to the flight museum and then watching planes take off. They deny they were surveying the airport.
“I hate the U.S. government.” -Kimberly “Asma” Al-HOMSI (L).
Aisha Abdul-Rahman HAMAD is shown at right in photograph.
Photo courtesy of WFAA News Channel 8.
Al-HOMSI was already on the radar of federal authorities and is on the federal “no-fly list” after being involved in an atypical “road-rage” incident. Last December, Al-HOMSI officials said she held up an inert grenade and threatened another driver. When stopped by police, Garland’s bomb squad reported they also found ammunition in her car. Al-HOMSI also admitted that she received assault rifle and explosives training “while growing up.” Nonetheless, they insist that they are being unfairly “profiled” and are the subjects of the persecution of Muslim women.

“If I didn’t have a scarf on my head and it was a simple road rage I would not be on the terrorism watch list.” Al HOMSI, who is of Syrian descent, stated: “I hate the U.S. Government” and that she is sympathetic to the Palestinian people.

Investigation conducted by Doug Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network found the apparent spokesperson of the duo, Kimberly Al-HOMSI is also known as Kimberly al-SAFWEH, and might have been associated with an address in Tucson, Arizona a few years ago - an address, according to this investigation, that is a mere 6 ½ miles from an address possibly associated with Omar SHAHIN, one of the 6 “flying Imams.”

SHAHIN and the 5 other Muslim leaders are at the center of controversy and the plaintiffs of a civil-rights lawsuit against US Airways and the passengers who reported their suspicious behavior. Whether Al-HOMSI and SHAHIN are acquainted with each other remains under investigation by the Northeast Intelligence Network.