Pelosi’s proposal for Iraq fix: midnight basketball

“Instead of Sunnis and Shia, let it be shirts or skins.” -Nancy Pelosi

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

4 April 2007: The idea originated by George H.W. Bush as one of his “Thousand Points of Light,” but the funding came via the push by Democratic Clinton administration’s 1994 Anti-crime bill calling for 100,000 more police officers and a number of social programs intending to “deter crime where it starts.” One of those programs was the community activity of midnight basketball an idea, according to current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who’s “time has come.” Stated Pelosi to Syrian President Bashar Assad:

“Instead of Sunnis and Shia, it will be ’shirts or skins.’” Urging Assad to be part of the solution, Pelosi also urged him to help broker a trade program throughout the Middle East and Iraq. Stop the Syrian influx of fighters into Iraq by offering a trade - “one basketball for every IED (improvised explosive device) turned in, no questions asked.”

Think about it, urged Pelosi. “If each basketball that replaces an IED could save ten lives, you’d have enough players for a game.”

A spokesperson for Pelosi added that the possibilities are endless. “In Iran, we could offer a bushel of basketballs for a barrel of oil, while curbing sectarian violence at the same time. In Iraq, “Baghdad Basketball” shows promise as a viable alternative to the inner-city bombing plaguing the city, providing the urban youth with an alternative to their frustrations.” Trading Semtex for Spauldings is an idea that is long overdue.