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Did They Do It For Allah or The Monkey?

By Randy Taylor, Independent Analyst

28 October 2004: Recent reports from Russia indicate that at least thirty one of the dead terrorists that recently took the school and the people in Beslan, Russia hostage, showed incredible levels of heroin and morphine in their bloodstreams. The tests “indicate that they were long-term drug addicts and had been using drugs permanently while preparing for the terrorist attack,” Nikolai Shepel, deputy prosecutor general of Russia’s southern federal district, was quoted as saying by Interfax.

“Some of the terrorists had levels exceeding a deadly dose, which indicates they had gotten used to the substance, and were using it regularly while preparing for the attack,” the Interfax news agency quoted him (Nikolai Shepel) as saying. They also have indicated that there were additional (unidentified as of yet) presence of drugs that weren’t consistent with the behaviors of people that are heavily drugged with an opiate, and whatever the other drugs were, gave the terrorists the ability to continue fighting despite being badly wounded.

I am leaning towards the theory that the other drug may have been similar to PCP also known as phencyclidine, which when ingested makes people completely irrational and insensitive to pain.

So in essence, the real “cause” of the terrorists in Beslan wasn’t because they necessarily believed in what they were doing, it wasn’t for freedom from oppression and it wasn’t for Allah. It may have been simply for the monkey on their back. These terrorist were quite possibly recruited with drugs, trained while strung out on drugs and ultimately led to their death on drugs.

Since the method of attack was designed by Al Qaeda, there is no disputing the Al Qaeda connection and involvement either directly or indirectly in these attacks. There have been several reports in the past that Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations have used narcotics to entice and coerce suicide bombers to do their bidding. That information comes as no surprise since the Taliban, Al Qaeda and some Afghanistan warlords are possibly the largest consortium of opium producers and distributors in the world.

So one has to wonder if Al Qaeda’s financing network is in a financial bind since the US Treasury, law enforcement agencies and governments have clamped down on the terrorists “Charities” and frozen their bank accounts all over the world. So maybe their “paycheck” isn’t always hard currency anymore, but instead drugs. This should do wonders for the already dwindling skill level within the Al Qaeda ranks. They have to commit suicide now when they attack as they aren’t intelligent enough to formulate an escape.

Yeah, yeah, I’ve already heard the story they tell the Muslim world. It is all for the glory of Allah.

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