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So Who Exactly Is Al Qaeda And Where Do We Stand In The War On Terror?

Posted By Randy Taylor On October 24, 2004 @ 6:20 pm In Editorials,Randy Taylor | Comments Disabled

24 October 2004: Few people here in the United States had ever heard or recalled the name of the terrorist group Al Qaeda or the name Osama Bin Laden until September 11, 2001 when the horrific events of that fateful day were plastered on our television screens and radio stations. Suddenly, most every terrorist act in the world has had something to do with Al Qaeda either directly or indirectly. Granted, there are earmarks of Al Qaeda influence and Al Qaeda training in almost every act committed overseas, but is Al Qaeda, as we have come to recognize it responsible for all of these acts or has it become easier to lump them all together into the Al Qaeda basket as not to confuse or overwhelm people?

There is a growing amount of terrorism occurring everyday and growing stronger with each passing day. We are long overdue here in the US for a major attack or even a series of smaller attacks. This is a very real threat and we are living in an hourglass, just waiting for the sand to run out. Radical Islam has placed a bull’s eye on our foreheads and we will get hit sooner or later and our intelligence communities and law enforcement are working overtime to reduce the risk and lessen the impact when that day comes.

I recently watched a movie by a certain malcontent named Michael Moore and in this highly questionable movie, this idiot Moore kept saying “There is no terrorist threat.” I will openly call him an idiot as only a person of lessened mental capacity could overlook the first attack on the WTC, the Oklahoma City bombing and the tragic events of 9/11, insisting that “there is no terrorist threat.” For him to lessen the magnitude of these savage attacks on civilians and to downplay for political purposes, the multitude of death and destruction that occurred at each attack site is an insult to all Americans, the victims and their surviving family members.

Coming back to the original thought or question of “Who exactly is Al Qaeda?” I offer this series of thoughts to you to consider. I have researched Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden and have tracked these people for years. I have come to this conclusion. What we know as Al Qaeda is only a front for a larger, more sinister consortium of Islamic Radical Fundamentalists who are using Al Qaeda as an operational tool and using Osama Bin Laden and his upper echelon of thugs as front men, for promotional purposes, to give a face to something, and to actually hide a group so large and so evil that it cannot show it’s true face to the world.

Osama Bin Laden is not capable of performing at the level that everyone thinks he operates. He may not even be alive as there is a distinctive lack of his presence on video and in audio. But, he doesn’t have to be alive to be effective as he is only a figurehead to young radical terrorists. He may be the equivalent of Elvis Presley except to radical Islam. (Forgive me for using Elvis Presley as an example; I am only trying to give an example of monumental size to followers) People today, long after Elvis has passed away still flock to his mansion in Memphis, still dress like him, still buy his records and have made him a cult icon of sorts. The “King” has long since passed, but his followers don’t worship him any less in his absence. Thus could be the same case with Usama Bin Laden. But that doesn’t make UBL any less dangerous because radical Islam and terrorism still live on in his name. A prime example of this Al Qaeda related hoopla is when al Zarqawi pledged his allegiance and renamed his terrorist group to show a renewed kindred to Al Qaeda here in the last two weeks, it caused an uproar. It made the headlines, news talk shows are milking it for all its worth, and the mainstream media has been all over it as if Moses just delivered it from the mount. But, in reality, it isn’t really fresh news.

Zarqawi’s allegiance to Al Qaeda was never in question in my mind, but I suppose some had their doubts. But once again, Zarqawi is only a front for a larger more sinister group working behind the scenes whose entire purpose is to destroy any attempt at promoting democracy, liberty or freedom. The very existence of these things that we take for granted endanger the very existence of Islam itself, as Islam has to be enforced as a religion, since it would not be openly accepted or chosen as a belief system by free thinking people as our western religions are. Most rational people oppose beheadings for minor sins and most people do not want to live in squalor as is the case in most Islamic countries.

To expose who is really behind Al Qaeda there are several questions that need to be answered in order to assemble the correct cast of characters for this play. I will pose some possibilities for you.

One, Iran is currently at the forefront of hatred for the western world and her allies. They have pursued this path of nuclear weapons development, sent funds and arms into Iraq to support the insurgency there and are by far the most radical group of Islamic Fundamentalists in that region. If fundamentalism was considered far right over there, these people are not even in the ball park, there are out in the parking lot almost off the property. They stepped off the playing field in the late seventies and are pitching from the parking lot. They are, in my opinion, the root of what we know as Al Qaeda. The original base of terror and extreme radical Islamic belief, the very beginning of using terror to further the spread of Islam and hold entire populations of people hostage to their radical beliefs. But, being the visionaries they were, they knew they couldn’t go it alone and they couldn’t afford, from military standpoint to step out in the open as the aggressors.

Through clandestine meetings, guised as meetings of leaders of middle eastern countries, through spokesmen for their cause, they slowly promoted and recruited people within the governments of various powerful middle eastern countries, often without the leaders of those countries having knowledge of this movement, because many leaders were friendly to the US and much business was being conducted with the US. I am of the opinion that there are people in this consortium from Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, Turkey and Sudan. In the majority of these countries, the leaders are not aware or do not publicly recognize that this faction exists within their ranks. When it is time, the US friendly leaders will be overthrown or murdered and the real players will step up and take control. This has to happen quickly and simultaneously for maximum effect and control. The first thing that will happen is the US and western world will be cut off from oil supplies immediately worldwide. This will stop the war machine of the west from being able to react in a conventional manner of assault. This will give these countries a huge military advantage as to conventional warfare, as many of them are not huge military powers to begin with. But collectively, they are a force to be reckoned with. Not necessarily because of their military strength, but because they control the oil.

One has to ask where Iraq played into all of this. My thought is that Saddam Hussein had his own plans to rule the Middle East, but not in the name of Islam. His thoughts for conquering and uniting were more for power, money and simple political gain as Saddam is not a Muslim. He likened himself to the biblical King Nebuchadnezzar which is apparent in some of the plaques and symbols that have been found in his country with his facial side profile superimposed over that of the ancient King Nebuchadnezzar, the ruler of Babylon. But bearing in mind that Saddam Hussein hated the United States and the fact that the United States would always keep him contained, he saw the money making opportunities of supplying, housing and hiding Al Qaeda within his borders. Al Qaeda didn’t necessarily fit into his long term plans, but the fact that they hated the US and were willing to conduct operations against the US and our interests, made them good temporary bedfellows as they would be a great distraction while he built up his military strengths through shady dealings with UN countries and the oil for food scam that he and many other of our “Allies” were conducting. His weapons of mass destruction programs were fully in progress and when he knew that the US was going to forgo UN opinion and attack anyway, he sent the weapons to neighboring Iran and Syria, thinking that he would escape through the borders and ultimately reside in one of those countries if he had to. This is the reason that Iran has been able to accelerate their weapons programs since we invaded Iraq. Most everything that Saddam had in progress was portable and was easily transported into Syria and Iran just weeks before the Iraqi Invasion by US forces and their allies. Saddam was never a real part of Al Qaeda, but he was a serious threat to the US because of his dealings with Al Qaeda and the real forces behind Al Qaeda.

Bear in mind that Osama Bin Laden only had around 200 million dollars when he openly attacked the US and thrust Al Qaeda to the forefront in the western world. His funds ran out long ago. These Al Qaeda group is being funded and directed by men far more powerful in this world than Osama Bin Laden and his death or capture will only be a legal and moral victory for the US, as it certainly will not impede the progress of this movement by these radical Islamic Fundamentalists. We are only beginning to embark on this war against terror and we are not fully aware of who the enemy is. Their mission is to cripple the US financially and to attempt to turn the world against us so that we are alone in the fight as we are the only deterrent to their movement due to our own military strength.

We cannot afford to waiver from the fight, we cannot wait for world approval and we don’t have time for a Global Test conducted by a corrupt organization such as United Nations. United Nations has served its purpose and needs to be disbanded as it really has no power whatsoever and it has fallen to corruption. The original concept was nice but not workable as a viable solution to bringing countries together in a united front.

Resolutions against terrorists do not work. Death and destruction to terrorists and the countries involved is the only viable solution. That, my friends is a huge list.

I look for a military strike either by the US or Israel, or even jointly against Iran here very shortly. I do not look for a huge ground troop movement from the US forces other than to contain the Iranians within their own borders and to keep them out of Iraq. To destroy Iran is to destroy evil at its core. This would disrupt the growth of nuclear capabilities in the region, it would also destroy the very core of this radical Islamic Fundamentalist movement against democracy and against the USA, the purveyors of freedom and democracy for all mankind such as the Lord God has deemed appropriate for all men.

To promote democracy is to insure our own safety and security in this world and to protect the sanctity of human life throughout the world. Let no man tell you differently as that man is a fool.

Support our troops and pray for our leaders.

Be safe, stay vigilant.


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