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Virtual “Muslim martyrs” to launch cyber attacks in November

31 October 2007: A variety of messages on Arabic language web sites are rallying Islamic hackers worldwide, especially those in the U.S., Canada and the UK to participate in a virtual jihad against anti-terrorism Internet web sites that shine the light of truth on the non-Muslim sites. Consistent with an article published by DEBKA this week, analysts of the Northeast Intelligence Network have found messages in near template format announcing the launch of an “electronic jihad” against Western, Jewish, Israeli, Muslim apostate sites in the coming days, and other messages attempting to recruit additional Muslim “warriors” in their efforts to exact revenge on sites that report the truth behind their worldwide jihad.

The initial announcement was picked up by researchers on Monday, the same day as Debka’s counter-terrorism sources. According to the investigation performed by the cyber investigations unit of the Northeast Intelligence Network, English speaking Muslim college students in western countries, especially inside North America, have signed on to hack and deface open source news sites first. Concurrent with that endeavor, the hackers will attempt to strike government sites and online sites of importance to our infrastructure, from utilities to banks. As many of these hackers are in the United States and Canada, many who attend our universities and are adept at hacking skills, this most recent virtual jihad could well cause interruptions; system administrators should be vigilant in the upcoming days and weeks to potential vulnerabilities.

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