Muslim NYPD officers files lawsuit, citing emotional distress

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director


30 October 2007: As a citizen of the United States, how much is your patriotism worth to you? How far are you willing to go as a patriot to save your country from the most insidious threat of takeover from within that we have ever seen? If you are honest with yourself, these are difficult questions during the best of times, but enormously intractable during the times in which we live.

Thanks to an interview conducted by contributor Jamie Glasov with Bruce Tefft, a founding member of the CIA’s Counter-Terrorism Center in 1985 and a man who dedicated 21 years of his life to his country as a federal employee. Following his tenure at the CIA, Mr. Tefft has spent numerous countless and thankless hours assisting agencies in the U.S. counter the terrorism threat. Unlike talking heads on television, he is “the real deal” in terms of understanding - and helping others to understand - the nature of the threat posed to this country. For his efforts, he is facing a large liability lawsuit to make our agencies more proactive and less reactive to terrorist incidents, something the Northeast Intelligence Network believes will be one of the ONLY methods that will succeed in saving our country.

To be part of the element within this country that will share in keeping us safe from our enemy, please (1) bookmark FrontPageMagazine and read it daily, and (2) please read the interview conducted by Jamie Glazov with Mr. Bruce Tefft posted at the official Blog of the Northeast Intelligence Network. Pass along the links to this article to your family, friends, colleagues and associates. Read the interview, then read it again.

I’m certain that your heart and American spirit will direct you on what to do next.

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