We Had Guts

There Were No FBI Sensitivity Training Classes in 1941

Instead of a “Gloves-Off” Approach - We Have Adopted a “Shoes-Off” Approach out of “Respect” For Our Enemy.

Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

7 December 2005: Sixty-four years ago today, there were no 24-hour cable news channels, no news commentators trying to figure out what the U.S. did to warrant the wrath of the Japanese on that bright Sunday morning, and no immediate visuals of the death and destruction wrought by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. But we had one thing that seems to be in short supply within some Americans today - guts. We also had unity of purpose that was called patriotism. We had the courage to identify the enemy and fight back - without worrying about fighting a war encumbered by political correctness or that our next move might be offensive to the Japanese culture and therefore, off limits to those on the front lines. While protecting the home front, there were no FBI “sensitivity training” classes in 1941. Americans knew that we were faced with a formidable enemy who would use “suicide bombers” to strike at the heart of the U.S. military and that we were in the fight of our lives.

Sixty-four years later, we are engaged in a similar war, complete with suicide bombers, only these “martyrs” do not differentiate between a U.S. warship and a mother pushing her child in a stroller in the mall. The only rules are those that have been set by our enemy - Radical Islam. Unfortunately, many of our leaders inside the beltway have been hoodwinked by well-organized and well-financed Islamic groups that represent the very element that declared war on us- a war that was graphically illustrated on 9/11. Many within America’s power structure are listening to the wolves in sheep’s clothing - the radical Islamic component masquerading as “moderates,” to play by those insidious rules while they, in turn, adhere to none. Instead of internment camps, we have sensitivity classes. Instead of a “gloves-off” approach to our enemy, it is a “shoes off” approach at Mosques to avoid being labeled as disrespectful. It seems that in the last half-century, we have forgotten how to fight (and win) a war.

Until we become serious and fully realize that the enemy is growing stronger by exploiting the freedoms afforded by our country and by living in the United States, planning, plotting and raising money to destroy our great country, then we will continue to be facing great peril. Unfortunately, I don’t see our “war footing” changing anytime soon.