Beheaded wife had “no authority” to divorce her alleged murderer

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

20 February 2009: If the West’s wholesale lack of understanding of fundamentalist Islam or its acquiescence to the pressures of political correctness affixed to the acceptance of Islamic culture was presented as a court case, the beheading of 37 year-old Aasiya Hassan by her husband could effectively serve as “Exhibit 1.” Last Thursday, Aasiya Hassan was murdered and then beheaded.

The murder and beheading of Aasiya Zubair Hassan transcends the issue of domestic violence that ends tragically. There is more to this story that must be told, if not for the sake of the victim, for the sake of future victims and for the sake of our Western culture. Her death must not be allowed to be in vain, confined to some generic statistic limited under the sole classification of domestic violence. The murder of the young, energetic Aasiya Hassan could serve a greater purpose if the tragic details of her life and death are not permitted to be constrained by political correctness, or oppressed by fear of being labeled as Islamophobic.

Information obtained exclusively by the Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press by a source close to the investigation during a telephone interview yesterday provides additional insight into the savage murder of the young and once vibrant Aasiya Zubair (Hassan).

Doug Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network and contributor to Canada Free Press, interviewed this police source by telephone, who agreed to speak on the strict condition of anonymity. According to this source, Aasiya Zubair was stabbed multiple times, suffering perhaps as many as three dozen stab wounds with a steak knife in what was described as a “frenzied killing.” She was then beheaded by the same instrument.

Also according to this source, Mr. Hassan told police that because she was beheaded, she would not be permitted entry into paradise, an alleged reference to his Islamic beliefs. “It was all about honor, and the dishonor she [the victim] was bringing upon him and his family,” stated this source.  “There was definitely a cultural if not a religious aspect to these incidents,” added this source.

“There were numerous calls to police, many made by the victim, some on behalf of the victim, because of domestic violence.  There were indications of physical abuse. Each time, the victim refused to file charges against her husband,” stated this source. This source added that the alleged murderer, Mr. Hassan, was very concerned about his standing in the Islamic community, and would reportedly tell his wife that she “had no authority to divorce him,” an apparent reference to  Sharia (Islamic) law.

“I’m afraid the true story of the life and death of this poor woman will not be made public,” added this source. “Perhaps if more women who are in this situation in America would only look at this incident closely, as an example of what could happen, maybe they could prevent it from happening to them,” he concluded. (Comment on this article - Canada Free Press)