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Inside America’s Mosques: The Growing Curriculum of Hatred & “Jihad”

By Douglas J. Hagmann

14 January 2006: In April 2003, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg attended a meeting at the Al Khoei Islamic Center located on the Van Wyck Expressway in Jamaica, NY, assuring mosque leaders and members that anti-Muslim bias and hate speech would never be tolerated. His comments were well received by Imam Sheik Fadhel al Sahlan and other leaders of the Al Khoei Islamic Center, mosque and school. Mayor Bloomberg suggested that history would indeed show that the hatred and extremism espoused by the Islamic terrorists that ripped into our nation and his city in 2001 was taught in mosques a half a world away.  A closer examination of the facts proves otherwise. A more extensive investigation that pierces the thin veil of public appearances and political photo ops reveals that a curriculum of hatred, religious and cultural intolerance and revisionist history is being taught in mosques, Islamic centers and associated Islamic schools inside the U.S., and is much more pervasive than most would care to admit.

Take the case of Imam Sheik Fadhel al Sahlan, for example. Despite Mayor Bloomberg’s promotion of religious tolerance and lack of patience for extremist views against Islam, al Sahlan has joined a growing number of Islamic leaders and Muslim teachers inside the U.S. who echo the statements made by Iranian President and known Islamic terrorist leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who consider the extermination of Israel as a nation a “dream,” although according to al Sahlan, it is an impractical one. Such sentiments reflect the ultimate anti-Semitism and religious intolerance. The New York Imam made his position clear about Ahmadinejad’s desire to “wipe Israel off the map,” stating: “It is a kind of dream, but we have to be realistic. Even we have to accept a fact that we don’t like.”

Like many Islamic centers throughout the United States, the Al Khoei Islamic Center also operates an accredited school with an Islamic based curriculum for children through grade 12, children who are at an impressionable age. And like many Muslim leaders responsible for the Islamic-based teachings not only in the mosques but also for the school curricula, revisionist history is being insinuated into the teachings. Imam Sheik Fadhel al Sahlan’s anti-Semitism is also illustrated by his public pronouncement that the massacre of an estimated 6 million Jews during World War II “has been exaggerated.”

Investigators from the Northeast Intelligence Network have been actively investigating the growing anti-Semitic, anti-U.S. and anti-West teachings in mosques and Islamic centers and related schools across the U.S. The findings indicate that once the veil of public tolerance is pulled aside, the messages are much more insidious and dangerous to the security of our country.

Beyond the walls of the classrooms and mosques, like a natural extension to hard-line Islamic teachings, are former and current camps inside the US intended to be utilized as training grounds for violent jihad. Evidence of such camps can be found deep within the testimony and legal documents related to Abu Hamza, the Muslim cleric of the Finsbury Park Mosque in Great Britain. Hamza is currently on trial in the United Kingdom for terrorist related activities. According to a 1998 indictment against Hamza, he was instrumental in the organization and establishment of terrorist training camps inside the U.S., including the planned camp in Bly, Oregon and at least one other camp in the state of Alabama. The indictment (viewable at: sheds light on just how pervasive the radical teachings are –both abroad as well as within the United States.

Well choreographed public appearances and sound bites between political officials and Muslim leaders, such as those between mayor Bloomberg and Sheik Fadhel al Sahlan of the New York mosque, do nothing more than facilitate the steadfast Islamic revolution that is taking place right inside our own borders.

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