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Stolen Cessna Aircraft Still Missing

Cessna 150

Cessna 150

“Somebody had to have known something about airplanes because it was definitely not air worthy.”

28 April 2006: A 1967 Cessna 150H, similar in appearance to the above image, was stolen from the Tooele County Airport southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah sometime between April 9th and April 14th, 2006. The blue and white plane bearing tail number: N-6399S had been grounded for the last six years and “was not airworthy” when stolen. Although Tooele county authorities said that they don’t have much information to go on at this time, they “have a pretty good idea of how the thief got away with the plane.”According to Tooele County Sheriff Lt. Duke North, “somebody had to have known something about airplanes because it was definitely not air worthy.” He stated that the stolen plane had been grounded since 2000. “The tires were flat or going flat and the landing gear needed to be pumped up.” The battery was also missing. “Whoever stole the plane knew enough to re-inflate the tires and give the plane a quick fix before stealing the aircraft.”

Since prior to the attacks of 9/11, the FBI has been investigating the use of small aircraft that might be used to conduct terror attacks. According to numerous FBI and JTTF Intelligence Bulletins, terrorists could fill a small aircraft full of high explosives or drop a bomb containing radiological, chemical or biological agents from a private aircraft. It is also important to note that several of the hijackers involved in the September 11 attacks were part of a network of Islamic terrorists who were learning to fly small aircraft for such attacks.

According to information provided to the Northeast Intelligence Network from the Tooele County Sheriff’s Department this morning, the aircraft remains missing and they have no significant leads. The Northeast Intelligence Network is awaiting further comment from Lt. Duke North, the lead investigator on this matter for Tooele county.

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