As-Sahab Releases Complete bin Laden Message

27 April 2006: The Northeast Intelligence Network has secured a complete copy of the 51 minute 38 second audio message of Osama bin Laden that was released yesterday by As-Sahab, the production company and public relations arm of al-Qaeda. Last Sunday, the al-Jazeera network aired only 5 minutes, 45 seconds of this message which threatens attacks on civilians in the west in response to “a continuous crusader-Zionist war on Islam.”

The message, which appears as a video format with English subtitles, shows a static image of Osama bin Laden looking down the barrel of a gun (shown above). In his speech, bin Laden references the cartoon “insults” to Muhammed and their propagation, speaks at length about the “Zionist/Crusader alliance” against Islam, and various acts of war against Islam in Iraq, Afghanistan and Chechnya.

It is important to note that Al-Jazeera broadcast only four short extracts from the tape and simply summarized some parts or completely omitted other parts. Bin Laden cited the West’s treatment of the Palestinians’ elected Hamas government as evidence of a war against Islam. The blockade which the west is imposing on the government of Hamas proves that there is a Zionist-crusader war on Islam,” he said in the message.

The Northeast Intelligence Network is offering the entire 51:38 message (a 37.5 MB file) for download below.

The message published by As-Sahab Productions was secured and provided to the Northeast Intelligence Network courtesy of “Archangel.”