Yes, let’s deport Sami al-Arian—to Israel

Few Americans know that Al-Arian was responsible for direct funding of terrorist attacks in Israel that not only killed Israelis, but American citizens as well.

By Lee Kaplan

26 April 2006: Newswires were all aflutter with the news that the US head of Islamic Jihad, Sami Al-Arian, just accepted a plea deal from the US government to be deported. Some commentators were crowing that this proved Al-Arian’s guilt, because, in order to get the deal, Al-Arian had to admit to funding and working with a terrorist organization, Islamic Jihad.

The simple fact is that the FBI was wiretapping and following up on Al-Arian since 1991. If anyone wants to see how slow the FBI is in dealing with terrorist supporters and enablers within our shores during the War on Terror, the Al-Arian case is the best example. It took nearly fifteen years to bring him to justice and he literally almost “got away with it.” In point of fact, Al-Arian did actually do just that.

Few Americans know that Al-Arian was responsible for direct funding of terrorist attacks in Israel that not only killed Israelis, but American citizens as well. Even fewer know that Al-Arian really wo n so far in this battle with the US government, because once he is safely deported to Syria, Al-Arian can continue operations as normal. That is what happened with another Islamic Jihad colleague of his who formerly ran Al-Arian’s World and Islamic Studies Enterprise (WISE) in the US and also taught Middle East Studies at the Univeristy of South Florida, where Al-Arian was a tenured faculty member in Computer Science. That man, Ramadam Shalah, was allowed to leave the US and is now the current head of the same terrorist group, Islamic Jihad, leading attacks such as occurred in Tel Aviv last Monday, which killed nine people and wounded almost 60.

In short, by allowing Shalah to leave for Damascus, the US facilitated the leadership of a terrorist group that killed people.

Al-Arian now can be a hero to the Palestinian revolution of destroying Israel when he, too, makes his way to Syria thanks to his plea deal. Safely ensconced in D a mascus, like Shalah, he can continue to raise funds and lead more “operations” to murder men, women and children in Israel. In the process, Americans and other nationals can die also. One of last Monday’s victims of a suicide bomber sent by Islamic Jihad was a French tourist. Suicide bombings do not distinguish by nationality in creating victims.

So, how should the US government make the punishment fit the crime? Simple. Deport Al-Arian to Israel and let him stand trial there.

Think about it: Israel has no death penalty, so nobody can claim he is being sent as a marked man. And the Israelis will no doubt release him one day with thousands of other terrorists as a “good will gesture” to get some Israeli captive’s dead body back from the terrorists anyway. Meanwhile, maybe for once, a cold-blooded murderer will be off the streets and a couple of democratic states can, for once, show the fascists that the reward for terrorism is not a hero’s welcome back in t he Arab homeland to continue to make jihad. In the meantime, for once, the rule of law will actually prevail in the War on Terror.

Al-Arian could be prosecuted by the Israelis for the more than one hundred lives he helped snuff out for Islamic Jihad with his fund-raising and logistical aid to terrorists. Finally, this murderer would be off the streets and in a jail cell for life where he belongs. He’ll no doubt have the free counsel of some Israeli lawyer from Israel’s communist party to represent him, so we needn’t worry too much about him, but the free democracies of the world could finally end the spree of a killer, instead of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Of course, our State Department might object to offending “Arab sensibilities”. After all, our concern for those sensibilities has certainly paid off: the Arab street hates us anyway, because in a Middle East culture where only might makes right, America has no self-respect; and Ameri ca will even release a murderer to a community that will praise his activities as heroic attacks against the “Zionist enemy”.

Al-Arian once said, “Damn America to Hell.” There’s no reason why we have to do it for him. Ship the felon to Israel.

Lee Kaplan is an investigative journalist and senior intelligence analyst and communications director for the Northeast Intelligence Network.