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Incidents of Surveillance Continue

We must remember that our enemy is patient, is present, and the war we are fighting is unlike any other…

By Doug Hagmann, Director

18 April 2006: As we have been consistently reporting, strategic assets inside the United States have been (and continue to be) the subject of photographic and videotape surveillance by our “enemy” who are already entrenched inside of our country. We are receiving numerous reports almost daily, of individuals who are observed taking photographs and videotaping power plants, bridges, and other assets of strategic importance under inappropriate circumstances. One such instance - the photographing of a power plant - is reported in today’s edition of  The Lockport Union-Sun & Journal in Lockport, New York.

In that case, an unidentified couple was observed taking photographs of the plant. When approached by a plant employee, the couple sped away in their dark colored SUV with (possibly) invalid California license plates. There are many otherwise reasonable and astute Americans who will hear a report like this and dismiss it as paranoia, especially since there has been “no successful terrorist attack ‘reported’ in the U.S. since 9/11.” And the more time that elapses from the worst attack on America, the less likely the major media is to even report such accounts. It is our apathy and the media’s inattentiveness that will help usher in the next attack or waves of attacks within our country.

It is important to remember that America is still at war, and there are people and groups already inside of our borders who want to destroy our Western way of life. Surveillance like what is reported here is taking place all across the U.S., and it is being conducted for a purpose. We need to remain vigilent for our self-protection, appropriately report suspicious incidents, and not fall into the slumber that is desired and unfortunately, correctly anticipated by our enemy.

Many thanks to WBEN AM 930 talk-show host Tom Bauerle and an astute listener.

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