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Incident at San Francisco Airport Prompts Evacuation of Terminal

16 January 2006: At approximately 2:00 p.m. PT Sunday, a TSA baggage screener observed a suspicious item and articles that resembled components of an explosive device inside a carry-on bag belonging to a South Carolina man as he and two other South Carolina residents – a man and a women – were boarding a flight destined for South Carolina through a connecting flight in Dallas. In a statement made to reporters, San Francisco police lieutenant Bill Darr stated that “there were items, articles inside the carry-on luggage that did resemble components of a possible device.”

The three passengers were detained and questioned, but explanations about the contents of the carry-on bag were insufficient to quell officers’ suspicions. As a result, a portion of the San Francisco International Airport terminal was evacuated and the area around the security checkpoint was evacuated. At least three outbound flights were delayed while the bomb squad investigated and ultimately used a water cannon to destroy the bag and its contents.

According to information released by authorities through a public spokesman, federal authorities released the passengers after further questioning. The identities of the three individuals detained were not revealed, and the contents of the bag were not publicly identified. The terminal reopened at 5 p.m.

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