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Congressman Resurrects Lifeless OKC Bomb Theory

Posted By Director On April 4, 2006 @ 4:54 am In 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing,Special Reports | Comments Disabled

“Proposed Rohrabacher Hearings will be an Impotent Dog & Pony Show”

By Jayna Davis, author, The Third Terrorist

4 April 2006: After a year-long investigation, California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has “concluded there is ample evidence to justify an investigative hearing”, into the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. In a March 30, 2006 memorandum to Chairman Henry Hyde, Rohrabacher advances the theory that German national Andreas Strassmeier, a purported government informant living in an eastern Oklahoma white separatist community, may have “played a significant role in the planning and execution” of this historic crime. The congressman persists in resurrecting this lifeless, wholly discredited conspiracy theory despite salient facts which repudiate neo-nazi involvement in the greatest act of domestic terror in 20th century America. So where’s the proof?

There is none. A string of court rulings, and a book authored by Jon Hersley (the former lead investigator for the FBI Oklahoma Bomb Task Force), establishes that the most prodigious federal investigation failed to uncover any evidence whatsoever implicating: the Elohim City security officer, Andreas Strassmeier, residents of the religious compound, and the jailed members of the Aryan Republican Army (ARA) who perpetrated a host of Midwestern bank robberies during the early 1990s. Despite the Bureau’s exhaustive efforts, it could not produce one motel registration log, phone record, fingerprint, or eyewitness account linking these alleged conspirators to “any overt act in the commission of the crime.” Moreover, and much to the chagrin of federal agents, the FBI was forced to testify under oath before Judge Steven Taylor during Terry Nichols’ 2004 murder trial that the neo-nazi gang of bank robbers, Strassmeier, and his former neighbors at Elohim City have provable alibis and have been officially cleared of suspicion by the Bureau.

Endless paper trail hits dead end

A Freedom of Information Act lawsuit seeking to unseal FBI files which might indicate that the ARA bank robbers and/or Strassmeier acted as government informants in “a sting operation gone awry” produced more than three hundred pertinent documents but not a single revelatory and no “smoking gun”. However, the FOIA case did prove that the FBI had redacted the names of informants residing in Elohim City, but no person was named as a participant in the bombing. The seemingly endless paper trail led to a dead end, but it did tell an intriguing story of the FBI’s failed quest to find McVeigh’s legendary accomplice: John Doe # 2. It soon became evident that the Bureau conducted a myopic manhunt, bent on collaring a “homegrown” third terrorist of Caucasian - not foreign - heritage. Absent of such evidence, they refused to explore legitimate leads into a Middle East connection, as they did not fit into the FBI’s prescripted scenario.

In early 1996, the Bureau conducted an unprecedented investigation in a Herculean effort to connect the rogue Aryan Republican Army militiamen-turned-bank-robbers to the two Oklahoma City bombers. After all, they were cut from the same cloth as Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols and indubitably fit the profile of the anti-government, angry white men who avenged their hatred of the establishment by destroying a federal complex. All one has to do is to simply recall the social and political climate that existed at the time, to understand the Bureau’s need to force-fit a suspect matching that profile.

Judge rules homegrown terrorist complicity a “dry hole, hyperbole”

After conducting twenty-five thousand witness interviews, the FBI could not find one witness who could tie the ARA bank robbers, Strassmeier, or Elohim City white separatists to: downtown Oklahoma City, McVeigh, the Ryder truck, the getaway vehicles, or the bomb site. During Terry Nichols’ 2004 state murder trial, the FBI was forced to testify on camera before Judge Steven Taylor regarding the alleged involvement of Elohim City, Strassmeier, and the band of robbers in the bombing, which had been raised by defense lawyers. However, federal agents were loath to admit that not one member of the ARA bank robbery gang, or the German national were in Oklahoma City on the fateful morning of April 19, 1995. All had irrefutable alibis.

The judge was not convinced. In the interest of objectivity, he ordered the FBI to compare the convicted gangsters’ fingerprints with more than one thousand prints gathered during the course of the bombing investigation. The result -– no match. The judge then ruled that with the established alibis, absence of eyewitness testimony linking the purported suspects to the crime scene, and with no forensic match to the fingerprints, the defense team’s supposition that the Midwest bank robbers, Elohim City residents, and/or Andreas Strassmeier moonlighted as “mad bombers” was nothing more than “hyperbole and a dry hole.”

Judge Taylor did, however, leave the door open for the defense to call to the stand witnesses who could tie “others unknown”, to “overt acts in the commission of the crime.” Nichols’ lawyers shrieked. The only perpetrators who were seen with McVeigh in Oklahoma City before that tragic day and during the placement of the bomb truck were Iraqi soldiers. Viewed through the lens of September 11, exposing McVeigh’s collusion with Iraqi servicemen meant a certain death penalty for Nichols, who would have been characterized as a murderous traitor colluding with enemy soldiers to slaughter innocent Americans. The jury would have likely determined that Nichols acted with clear malice, motive, and murderous intent - all the elements that the 2004 Oklahoma trial testimony failed to provide, which enabled Nichols to elude the death penalty once again.

FBI fails to clear Iraqi soldier whom witnesses call “the third terrorist”

As for the three hundred documents in the FBI archive relating to the undercover surveillance of Elohim City and the 1990’s Midwest bank heist investigation, I expected nothing less. The FBI spared no resources to make the connection to right-wing zealots in an effort to satisfy the public’s insatiable desire to produce the ubiquitous John Doe # 2. However, an outright dismissal that Elohim City might have served as a possible meeting ground for the Oklahoma bombers presented quite a quandary. Why? The FBI had two known informants in the rural compound - spiritual leader Reverend Robert Millar (FBI informant status confirmed in 1997 courtroom testimony), and resident Carol Howe, an ATF informant who did not accuse Strassmeier of association with Timothy McVeigh until after she had been tried and acquitted of federal explosives charges.

In short, the Bureau has been completely and utterly unable to connect the citizen militia movement, neo-nazis, and government informants to the 1995 Heartland bombing. Yet, by failing to publicly debunk this decade-old conspiracy theory, the United States Department of Justice effectively dodges the questions it cannot answer, or will not answer. Why did the federal agents never question Hussain Al-Hussaini, an Iraqi soldier who has no alibi, whom multiple witnesses have placed in the company of McVeigh and in the passenger seat of the Ryder truck that carried the Murrah Building bomb, and behind the wheel of a getaway vehicle pursued in an FBI all-points-bulletin issued the morning of April 19, 1995 for “foreign suspects”?

And why, years later, has the Bureau refused to clear Al-Hussaini as a suspect in the worst act of mass murder in the annals of American criminal history? Andreas Strassmeier has been questioned and officially exonerated. The same absolution has been granted to the Midwest Aryan bank robbers who revered Timothy McVeigh as a revolutionary hero.

Congressman Rohrabacher’s misguided belief that domestic terrorists and/or duplicitous government informants have escaped justice in the slaughter of 171 men, women, and children, will inevitably turn up no hard proof in congressional hearings. In turn, this public charade will inoculate the American people to the truth embodied in my book, The Third Terrorist: The Middle East Connection to Oklahoma City Bombing.

In May 2005, Chicago lawyer David Schippers, the former chief prosecutor for the 1998 impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton, conducted lengthy videotaped interviews with the principal confidential witnesses featured in The Third Terrorist. [1] He stated that as a forty-five year practicing attorney and former federal prosecutor, he could deliver “a grand jury indictment against Hussaini Al-Hussaini with one day of testimony!”

There are twenty-two witnesses whose testimonies are begging to be heard. There are 171 victims who depend on those voices. I am waiting on law enforcement and Congress to do the right thing.


Jayna Davis is a national hero. Her research and investigation into the April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City bombing proves Middle Eastern involvement and complicity into that event and the death of 171 of our citizens - including many children. –Doug Hagmann, Director; Paul Bartling, Assistant Director; Sean Osborne, Military Affairs Expert, Northeast Intelligence Network

NOTE: For an extensive summary of Jayna’s investigation into the Middle Eastern connection to the Oklahoma City bombing visit www.jaynadavis.com and read “Highlights of The Third Terrorist.”

E-Mail her at: jayna@jaynadavis.com

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