Terrorists Will Test American Resolve, DoD Policy Official Says

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…[t]he cost of training and equipping an Afghan soldier is roughly $11,000. For an Iraqi soldier or policeman the cost is $40,000. It’s “well over $100,000? to deploy an American soldier…”

2 April 2006: (From 3/30/06): The nature of the United States’ enemies has changed, and Americans must maintain patience and will as the country fights the Long War against extremists, a top DoD policy official said here today.

Unlike past wars, the enemy today is not a nation state challenging America with military force, but rather a dispersed global network of extremist groups who use terror, propaganda and indiscriminate violence as they seek to advance their political gains, Eric S. Edelman, undersecretary of defense for policy, said at a presentation entitled “Threats, Resources and the Long War,” sponsored by “Congressional Quarterly” and Dittus Communications.