Terrorist “Sleeper Cells” inside the U.S.

Public urged to be aware of surveillance, suspicious activities in U.S.

12 September 2007: During an interview yesterday with ABC’s “Good Morning America,” National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell stated that U.S. authorities are concerned about “sleeper cells” of Islamic terrorists inside the United States and admitted that since 9/11, several plots against the United States have been thwarted. “We’re safer but we’re not safe,” stated McConnell about the current threat environment.

According to McConnell and as we have continued to warn on this web site, Islamic terrorists (including al Qaeda) are already living and working inside the U.S. and “intend to have an operation in the United States that will result in mass casualties.” “We have stopped some efforts and we must stop all efforts. We’re not sure we can stop 100% of them,” he said.

This and other non-governmental web sites have been recently urged by intelligence agencies to alert the public to report any instance of suspicious activity that including individuals taking video, photographing, or sketching various locations, including but not limited to federal buildings, law enforcement locations, areas of critical infrastructure such as subway and train stations, dams, bridges, airports, railways, power facilities, military bases and recruiting locations, and sea ports.

According to intelligence sources close to the Northeast Intelligence Network, law enforcement and intelligence agencies have become aware of increased surveillance of various locations across the United States by men and women, most of Middle Eastern appearance.

Anyone seeing suspicious activity is urged to report such activity immediately to their local law enforcement.