Video from Osama bin Laden expected next 72 hours

6 September 2007: A post found today on an Internet site commonly used to transmit al Qaeda messages announced: “Soon, with the permission of God, a new visual [video] tape, the Sheikh, the Lion, Osama bin Laden. May God protect him.” The following image was posted with that message.

If true, this will be the FIRST time Osama bin Laden has been seen in ANY authenticated video since 2004.

Caution urged by Northeast Intelligence Network analysts

A review of the forum post, the language used in the conveyance of the message, and the still image of Osama bin Laden (above) has caused analysts associated with the Northeast Intelligence Network to be cautious about the validity of the posting. We are looking at the entire “picture,” so to speak, and are examining certain elements that are causing us to question the authenticity of the posting and upcoming video.

“It could well be a legitimate video of bin Laden himself,” stated Doug Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network. “On the other hand, the image posted to the forum where this was originally posted has caused us to take a closer look,” he added. Developing…