IED Warning - Toronto, Ontario Canada

21 August 2007: As first reported today by Canada Free Press, police in Toronto, Ontario Canada are extremely concerned about two apparently connected incidents that have occurred within the last 2 weeks involving the delivery of packages that were designed to explode when opened by the recipients.

According to police reports, one 8 1/2? x 11?, plastic, bubble-wrapped envelope was found at a home in the Victoria Park Avenue - Lawrence Avenue East area at about 9:00 p.m. ET on Saturday, 11 August 2007. When the intended recipient opened the package, it exploded, causing serious but non life-threatening injuries.

At approximately 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, 19 August 2007, a similar envelope was found at a home in the Yonge Street - Sheppard Avenue West area. The recipient noted a strong smell of petroleum coming from the parcel and notified police, who safely detonated the package.

Neither Toronto victim, one living on the west side of Toronto and the other on the east side, has been publicly identified by police. Toronto police also remain silent on the possible motive behind the package deliveries, according to Judi McLeod, editor of Canada Free Press, who initially received the intelligence brief from authorities.

Northeast Intelligence Network director Doug Hagmann conducted separate interviews late this evening with Ms. McLeod and a confidential police source in the GTA who is involved in the investigation. Both Ms. McLeod and the police official confirmed that the packages contained petroleum-type fluid and were constructed specifically to detonate upon opening, and both packages were the same size and had similar, properly-addressed courier receipts attached to the outside of each parcel.

In separate interviews late this evening with by Doug Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, there is significant concern over both incidents. “[According to my sources], this might just be the beginning of something much more serious,” stated Ms. McLeod, veteran Canadian journalist who has well-placed police and intelligence sources throughout Ontario. That sentiment was echoed by the police source interviewed by the Northeast Intelligence Network. “There are things [about these incidents] that have us very concerned, despite the deceitful amateurish nature of the devices. There is serious, deadly intent, and [we] expect that there will be more of these.”

When questioned about the motive of the crime and whether the incident might have any connection to Islamic terrorism, the police official refused to comment. “We are working on a few theories, and cannot, at least not now, make any public rulings on intent,” stated this source. “We are urging the public or anyone who believes they might have information that could help us to call 416-808-3638. If they wish to remain anonymous, they can call Crime Stoppers at 416-222-TIPS.”

Canada Free Press and the Northeast Intelligence Network are following this case closely.

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